Friday, August 28th, 2015

10 Goofy Commercials With Pro Athletes



The paychecks must have been to good too resist, or these players owed their agents some solids.

Here we are listing the top US Sportsbooks with the best odds coverage

Scottie Pippen “Ladies, let’s have a party! (h/t: Windy Citizen)

Larry Bird I guess it was the jeans — not the mullet or hillbilly look

Steve Garvey: Hey Steve Gah-vey, is that a new cologne you got on?

Ron Cey, Darryl Dawkins, Ed White Copywriter got baked and came up with this. And they still ran with it?

Bo Jackson With John Tesh. And Jodie Sweetin and Kathy Ireland. For Cheerios. ?????

Wade Boggs Because taking BP is totally akin to aviation, electronics and appliances.

Lenny Dykstra A little pitchy dawg. Also, a little terrible.

Vin Baker “Awww Mom, Not the family album again!”

John Stockton Sequins on the shirt would complete the Richard Simmons look.

Carlton Fisk and Rich Dotson Commercial is as cheesy as the pizza. But I did collect those placemats!

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