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Monday, June 18th, 2018



I’m increasingly interested and amused with the Jay Cutler situation. Here’s a rundown, as best as I can tell:

  • Broncos can Shanahan
  • Broncos hire McDaniels
  • McDaniels wants Matt Cassel more than Cutler
  • Cutler gets mad, puts house on market
  • McDaniels and Cutler meet. McDaniels tells him he was only listening to trade offers, not pursuing Cassel
  • Cutler doesn’t believe it, seems convinced they want a different QB, demands trade

Remember that Cutler was Shanahan’s chosen one. He moved up in the draft to get Cutler and handed him the keys to the starting job as a rookie during the 2006 season when the Broncos actually had a winning record. Now he hears trade rumors with a new coach, doesn’t like what he hears after meeting with him and wants to relocate. How is he the bad guy?

Hurt feelings? Sure. But the guy is trying to build a career. If he thinks he’s not going to start in Denver or not going to get a fair shake — is it so bad that he wants out? I don’t think so.

One other thing that is mind-blowing to me. What is the fascination with Chris Simms? I never thought he had a strong enough arm to make all the NFL throws. And he’s played in all of 20 games in the league, with little success. So why did I keep hearing about him as a possible Bears QB? And is it possible McDaniels thinks he can be the starter in Denver? As a Broncos fan I hope not.

One last thing: anyone who wouldn’t want Cutler as the Bears QB has never seen him play or is an out & out Broncos fan and wants him to stay there. The guy walked in as a rookie and took over. He hasn’t looked back since. He threw for over 4500 yards last year with 28 different running backs. He’s only 25 years old. He has an incredible arm. He’s instant offense — there is no learning curve.

Here are some other strong opinions on the Cutler situation:

Raiders’ fan view: Just Blog Baby

Steve Rosenbloom think Cutler is a whiny diva: Rosenblog

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  • PB

    You need good receivers to be a good quarterback. Chicago seems to be a bit lacking in that department. Also, with all those yards came a lot of interceptions. So, Orton suddenly should be a backup QB? After Bears fans were falling all over him last year prior to his injury? Give me a break! Cutler won’t be in Chicago. My guess is Minnesota snags him for some draft picks.

  • http://www.wearefanatics.com We Are Fanatics

    Cutler put the Broncos in a sticky situation. They are pretty much forced to take him and may not get market value. 50% of the league would probably go after Cutler, but the Broncos hold none of the leverage.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Fair enough. But Mc Daniels started that ball rolling. And if he had assured Cutler that he was the man, maybe this would have all gone away.

    PB- It has nothing to do with Orton. Cutler is just 25 and already a Pro Bowl QB. If Minny snags him I will be deathly ill.

  • PB

    Even if Minnesota gets him they’ll find a way to choke in the playoffs, like always. FIRE FORD MANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  • TheDude

    “Steve Rosenbloom thinks Jay Cutler is a whiny diva.” Takes one to know one.

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