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Saturday, May 26th, 2018



‘Hymies.’ ‘Hymietown.’ — Jesse Jackson’s description of NYC in 1984.

White folks was in caves while we was building empires… We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it. — Rev. Al Sharpton in a 1994 speech at Kean College, NJ, cited in “Democrats Do the Dumbest Things”

Harsh words. The difference for Imus is that he was trying to be funny, not mean-spirited. So if I was Imus, I’d say I’d resign as soon as Jackson did from the Push Coalition and as soon as Sharpton does from whatever it is he does. They can be afforded forgiveness but not Imus? Short memories, long on hypocrisy.

I’d also like to ask Imus where he heard that phrase. I’m going to go ahead and guess rap music. It’s a joke to me that they are demanding that Imus be fired and they let all kinds of evil, misogynisitic lyrics flow freely without saying a peep. The Rutgers coach herself said “Are women hoes?” Of course not. So then why do they let such music pervade culture?

How about some forgiveness for Imus? He’s apologized profusely. I don’t think Imus should be fired. And I don’t think this is very American at all.

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  • http://pastortony.wordpress.com Tony Foeller

    I would be curious to know whether or not any members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team owned CD’s that contain these much harsher epithets than Imus threw around.

    If so, they PAID TO OWN AND KEEP A RECORD OF stuff that’s worse than what Imus proffered for free.

    I’m with you, Zoner. The way Imus if being treated is un-American!

    What he said was really, really stupid. But, thankfully for us bloggers, the Bill of Rights protects our right to say stupid things!

  • http://courtjester.livejournal.com Mike O’Donnell

    Well said, Zoner-man.

    If no one can make you feel inferior without your permission, which the Rutgers coach claimed, then the most self-respecting thing to say would be nothing. If Imus really is a small ignorant man not worth the time, then leave him be.
    The problem is the victim mentality. If Jackson and Sharpton really wanted change, they would live it, and they would come alongside Imus to help him.

  • http://thembcpa.tripod.com/ Tom

    Hey, Howard Stern went away and if you want to listen to his filth, you can always subscribe to his worthless show on satellite radio. Make Imus go the same route. That was the editorial you, not you, Zoner.

  • PB


  • http://thembcpa.tripod.com/ Tom

    I’d say PB was fired up!

  • Larry & Sandy Phipps

    We think that Fred Barnes said it best when on Special Report he said that as “Reverends” Jackson and Sharpton should forgive Imus as Christ forgave us.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I’m not quite sure what they revere. Because I have never really heard them preach the gospel.

  • http://thembcpa.tripod.com/ Tom

    I am amazed how quickly this became more about Sharpton and Jackson than about Imus. Any black readers out there. How about female? We white boys tend to pontificate on matters we are clueless about.

  • HeyBuddy

    Tom, you may want to check out Jason Whitlock’s (a non-”white boy”) column of 4/11 on this topic, if you haven’t already.

  • http://thembcpa.tripod.com/ Tom

    link, please?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    It became about them because of their hypocritical manners.

    Here is the Whitlock link. http://www.kansascity.com/182/story/66339.html

  • http://thembcpa.tripod.com/ Tom

    Good article from Whitlock. Thought he was unnecessarily tough on the Rutgers team but his overall thesis is sound.

  • HeyBuddy

    Thank you, Zoner. I didn’t know if it was kosher to post a link to an outside site…

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