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Thursday, July 19th, 2018



So Ben Gordon finally does as expected and signs on the line that is dotted. What’s interesting to me is this quote from him:

“I don’t regret any decisions—I always try to make the right one. I have my own set of reasons why I make decisions that may be different than anyone else’s. After looking at how everything went down, I definitely made the right decision.”

I don’t see how turning down $50 million guaranteed cannot cause regret, but I guess he wouldn’t admit that publicly now, would he?

What I am curious to see with Gordon is how his game is different with Del Negro as the coach. Will he go to the basket more? More fast breaks? I always thought the pro Ben was different than the college Ben. I thought he would be a guy that gets to the line a lot and gets teams in foul trouble. That hasn’t been the case.

I’m also curious to see if he is going to try and increase his stats–possibly to the detriment of the team–in order to score the big payday he supposedly does not regret not signing. If that happens, Del Negro will have his first chance to assert his authority and truly run the club.

Whatever the case, if the Bulls aren’t looking like a playoff contender before the trade deadline, Gordon will be on his way to some other club by February.

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