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Monday, July 16th, 2018



This is about as low as it gets.

Parker now has a column up saying that: “I respect what Marinelli is trying to accomplish as Lions coach, and he respects what I do as a sports columnist — ask questions, tough ones, to get at the root of his team’s woes.” I’m guessing Rod didn’t say that in so many words.

  • PB

    Parker has a rep in Detroit for being a jagbag. While I pretty much despise the coaching of Moronelli, it is a cheap shot for Parker to bring his family into the press conference. Parker said he was joking, but I didn’t hear anyone in the room laughing at such a stupid question. Parker has already been suspended once this year for fabricating a story. Maybe this tasteless act might get him the boot out of town. As far as Moronelli having respect for Parker: I don’t buy it. Then again, idiots can respect one another I suppose. THE ROAD TO 16 IS ALMOST OURS! FIRE MORONELLI MANG!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

  • Joe LoCascio

    It was a low blow and Mike Tirico was all over the guy on the radio today. I don’t like my sports “personal”. In other words, while Tony Kornheiser is rambling on about some “issue” over two or three plays tonight (prolly Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers. Gee, that’s not played out. But I digress…), I would rather have someone say “here’s what happened on that play. The safety did this and the guy gained 7 yards because of that”. I like Al and John more and more. GO BEARS!!!

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