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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



I just finished listening to Jerry Angelo’s presser, at least part of it. When the subject came to running backs, Angelo said that a featured back should get you “2 or 3 runs over 20 yards each game”. I have to assume Jerry has been watching a lot of Bowl games. Because in 2006 Frank Gore led the NFL with 16 rushes of 20 or more yards. This year LT led the NFL with 13. Cedric Benson had 3 in 196 carries.

Lest you think that Angelo was indicting Benson, he mentioned that he thought that Benson had “turned the corner” before getting injured. I found that laughable. While Benson looked better in his last few games, to say he “turned the corner” is ridiculous. The only corner he turned is the one heading down Bust Lane. Especially when you consider the obstinate Benson recently said he will do nothing different in the offseason.

Benson is both a poor receiver and blocker, lacks speed, lacks passion and isn’t the power back he was at Texas. I was relieved when Angelo said he would be open to drafting a back or signing one in free agency. There will be plenty of backs available for the Bears in this draft.

  • dhaab

    Nice “Bust Lane” line.

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    1- We’re ARE going to run off the bus, play good defense, and continue to excel in special teams.

    2- The coaching staff is staying. Which is kinda messed up. Why if JA & Lovie want to run the ball do we have a pass happy OC? I realize many times this year Turner could only call passing plays because the run was so horrible. But even when our passing game was top notch the first six weeks of 2006 (when Rex got player of the month, etc), we still didn’t run the ball.

    3- JA wants to “stabilize” the QB position. I have a feeling that Rex is going resign. Orton & Rex will get a fair shot in camp. Look for JA to draft a QB in the later rounds.

    4- The running game. JA said this is his #1 priority in the off-season. It sounds like new offensive linemen will be in the mix. I think he’ll go o-line w/ the 1st round pick. JA said that Benson is NOT a “franchise” back. But that he is currently the Bears “featured” back. Also that a new RB will most likely be in the mix either through the draft or free agency. This was the only time JA said “we’ll look into the market place & draft”. I just pray it’s not Micheal Turner. Jamal Lewis maybe?

    5- Safety will also be addressed most likely in the draft. I heard Waddle explain his position on moving Tillman to safety and I gotta say he’s got me thinking it might be a good idea. If we continue to play the cover two the most important position is safety. The corners in the cover two take the WR only so deep then play the flat. Passing the WR off to the safety. Where do you want your impact player? Covering the flat or covering the other teams #1 down field? kinda makes sense.

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