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Saturday, May 26th, 2018



Wow. CBS Sportsline’s Gregg Doyel has a field day ripping on Rick Ankiel in his latest column.

Rick Ankiel is physically strong but mentally weak. You know how some people can use their brain to bend a spoon? I’m not sure Ankiel can spell spoon.

If that comes off as mean … tough. Ankiel was born with more athletic skill than 99.99 percent of the population, but he has betrayed his DNA with HGH. And now, because he is so incredibly mentally weak, he is crumbling right before our eyes. Again.

Doyel also has some choice words for Tony La Russa. Read the whole column here.

  • http://www.tremendousupsidepotential.com Rickhouse

    I think alot of columnists are being extra hard on Ankiel because they dont want to be accused of being racist after ripping Bonds so hard.

  • dhaab

    I would be saying this even if this article wasn’t about a Cardinals player, but I am SO sick of the sanctimonious sports writers in this country who act as judge and executioner by writing columns like these. In a world where ESPN gives sports writers their own program to try and out-opinion each other, can anyone be that surprised, though? I’m seriously at the point where I don’t even care anymore about athletes taking drugs to make themselves bigger or better. After all, how many of these modern-day athletes have never taken some kind of questionable drug to help their bodies in some way? My guess is very few.

    Oh, and back to this ridiculous column. Anyone who honestly puts the blame for the Cardinals 12 game losing streak all on the shoulders of Rick Ankiel is a complete idiot and really knows nothing about sports. Furthermore, anyone who would publicize said column in their blog has to be quite a hater. Not very Christian of you, Zoner. :)

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I just report some news. I don’t agree with him. This guy is like the national Mariotti.

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