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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

B.J. Penn prepares for UFC 127 with boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr.


Mixed martial artist, B.J. Penn is set to take on Jon Fitch on Feb. 27th when UFC 127 rolls into Sydney’s Acer Arena in Australia. But he’s concentrating more on his boxing skills than anything else at the moment as he’s been training with famous boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr., the father of course of undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Penn is already known as a pretty good boxer and he broke the nose of UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre with a well placed uppercut, but he still wants to get better. He also put his boxing skills to good use in wins over Sean Sherk, Diego Sanchez, and Matt Hughes. However, Mayweather wasn’t as impressed with Penn’s boxing ability as many others are. That’s why he’s working closely with him before his bout with Fitch.

Mayweather said he’s teaching Penn how to keep his fights standing up and how to be effective at it. He started showing the UFC fighter some boxing moves and Penn decided it was in his best interests if he spent a couple of weeks with the boxing trainer to learn as much as he can before heading down to Australia. Mayweather said he’d prefer it if Penn spent three or four weeks with him, but believes if he uses the techniques he’s been showing him then two weeks should be enough to help him improve his skills.

Mayweather said he didn’t think Penn was much of a fighter when they first met, but admitted he doesn’t know much about the ground game in MMA. He added that Penn has some power in his punches and he showed improvement after just a few days training together. He said even though Fitch is a good wrestler and about 6 feet tall, Penn should still be able to dominate if he concentrates on boxing.

Penn isn’t the only MMA fighter to work with Mayweather, but all the boxing trainer can teach them, is boxing skills as he said he knows nothing about ground fighting. He’s confident that they won’t need any ground skills though if they use a tight defence and throw their punches properly. Penn has worked with boxing trainers in the past as he’s also worked out with Freddie roach, who trains boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather couldn’t resist taking a shot at Roach by saying that Penn told him he’s never learned as much from anybody about boxing than he has with Mayweather.

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