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Monday, June 18th, 2018

Baseball Abomination


Thursday proved to be a heinous day in Chicago baseball. Let’s recap:

  • Sox agree with Pads on Peavy trade but he rejects it
  • Sox lose 20-1 to the Twins
  • Cubs get swept by the Cards
  • Piniella actually mentions playing Soriano at 2nd Base
  • Piniella getting mad at Rothschild

Piniella has been notably perturbed with more frequency lately. The Cubs have plenty of issues and getting swept is never fun, but they are 3 over with all of the injuries and poor play. They are just 4 out of first. Deep breath maybe, Cubdom?

I think Ken Williams is one of the slickest GMs in the game. How often are trades not mentioned in the media before they go down? Rarely. Yet there was Williams, getting a deal for Peavy done in short order and out of nowhere, without giving up his best prospect.

They may eventually be sellers, which could be very interesting. The Tigers have won 6 straight and look ready to pounce on the division. Sox better start hitting soon if they want to contend.

  • dhaab

    Obviously it’s early, but the every day Cubs lineup has been underwhelming this season so far. Lee, Fontenot, Soto and Bradley have been pretty poor offensively so far, and Soriano is in one of his early season funks after a very hot April and early May. Their pitching is still quite solid and as long as they don’t have any significant injuries to the starting staff, they’ll be fine.

    I think it’s rather disingenuous to blame their so-so start on injuries, though. I know losing Ramirez hurts the lineup, but besides that injury and the 2 week injury to Zambrano, they haven’t been hit too hard. By comparison, the Cardinals have had FAR more injuries to crucial players (Glaus hasn’t yet played, Carpenter missed over a month & Ankiel and Ludwick have been out for the past two weeks) and they’ve somehow held it together…so far anyway.

    Side thought:
    I think it’s sort of ironic that Peavy refused to be traded to the Sox and he faces the Cubs in his next start.

  • http://www.youtube.com/bigseanpower10 Big Sean

    The way the Cubs have been playing lately is pathetic, I agree dhaab it is early and there’s still a lot of baseball yet but from a fan’s perspective, I hate playing catch up. One thing is for sure, the Cubs pitching has been cheated the last few games so that offense needs to get their heart back and heat up the bats fast!

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