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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



Are we done with the “real tests” yet? Or do the Bears need to keep thumping teams–even on their own field–to prove to you that they are the best team in the NFC?

Michaels and Madden couldn’t say enough about the Bears’ propensity to turn over the ball. Yet both teams had the same amount in the game–3. And that’s not counting the terrible call on the review of Tillman’s fumble. His knee was down before the ball was coming out. They blew that one.

This team is not perfect. They still need to run the ball better. But Grossman is getting this big game experience and obviously learning from his mistakes. Perhaps playing without Berrian helped last night because Grossman threw a lot of intermediate balls instead of going for all deep passes. They actually even utilized the shotgun formation. It’s why Grossman should be in there and why Smith stuck with him–to get the crucial game experience he needs. Grossman is a better QB than he was a month ago. And that progress hopefully will continue.

Hester continues to amaze. I watched him running back to the endzone before the start of the field goal attempt. Michaels and Madden weren’t sure if he played the Giants or if he was just unsure if he would return it. Considering what Vasher did last year–and M&M seemed not to recall the play–it’s safe to say Hester knew what he was doing and totally burned the Giants.

I still think the Bears can do no worse than 12-4. And even if that were the case they would likely have home field throughout the NFC Playoffs, including a bye. And to beat the Bears at home in December will be tough. The Bears are going to the Super Bowl. Sure hope that’s OK with everyone.

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  • http://thearmchairquarterback.blogspot.com/ Mike (The Armchair QB)

    What we all need to be reminded with from time to time is that Grossman is still pretty much a first year starter. He’s going to have some bad days (Arizona, Miami) but the talent is obvious and with a good team around him he is going to continue to get better. And you’re right about his intermediate passing last night. If he can keep that in his arsenal and occasionally hold himself back from trying to squeeze deep balls into coverage he will be tough to stop. I do think they should be in the Super Bowl this year. But I also thought the Colts should have been in it last year so I’m not ready to annoint anyone yet. Definitely a fun team to watch.

  • Shocker.

    Agreed. But the turnovers certainly need to stop…especially Grossman’s streak of turning the ball over inside or close to the Bear red zone. And I’ll tell you, every time Hester touches the ball I get nervous….because either it’s going to be something amazing, or he could cough it up. Either way….it’s great to have a fun football team to watch in this city. It’s amazing how things can change in this league in just a few short years.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Mike–that’s what I’ve been saying. Grossman just recently played in his 16th career game. If he had more experience or if the Bears truly needed wins I would be OK with replacing him with Griese. But he needs to play in all sorts of adverse situations.

    Shocker- agreed on the turnovers. The Bears are still +7 in that category, 5th in the league. We do give em up but take away more.

    B E A R S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://courtjester.livejournal.com Mike O’Donnell

    Bears in the Super Bowl? That’s just fine with me.

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