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Friday, May 25th, 2018



PV writes in a comment what I was talking about with a colleague earlier today. Interesting that we win all these games with Grossman and Thomas Jones yet come playoff-time we might be seeing Benson and Griese.

The Armchair QB comments that “Griese may be better for the Bears this year”. It’s awfully hard to argue against that.

Griese will protect the ball better than Grossman and he will move the chains consistently if not hit the home run as much as Grossman. But since Grossman is turning over the ball and not getting the intermediate passing he was earlier in the year, it certainly looks like Griese is a much better fit. Simply, the Bears don’t need to score 30 a game to win. More like 17. With an increase in production from the running game and a lights-out kicker, I don’t foresee Griese having any problems getting us that many points each week.

But I’m still clinging to Grossman because it’s always better to regain form and confidence on the playing field and the Bears are not yet in peril of losing home field advantage┬áthorugh the playoffs.

Minnesota has a terrible pass defense. I thought Rex would go for 300 and 3 TD passes on Sunday. Instead he had a passer rating of 1.3. So I agree that if he goes out in the first half and stinks it up let’s get Griese in there. Maybe if the Bears are winning by a blowout they get Griese in there too. I’m pretty sure almost all of the Bears fans would like to see him get some meaningful reps before the playoffs. Because it’s looking inevitable that he’ll be needed at some point. Maybe even by 8pm on Monday.

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  • http://www.windycitysportsblog.com WCSB

    Its good to see that there is at least someone else besides me who is somewhat hesitant in bringing in Brian Griese. Yes, Lovie Smith is pitching the “perfect company man” by sticking with Grossman who was expected to be the saviour of QBs for the Bears, but is Griese really the answer? He was run out of town in Denver, had a stint in Miami (couldnt hang on there even though they didnt have a quarterback in their future), and came in on a rescue role for Tampa and did okay. Once again, his competition there was Chris Simms and Tim Rattay and they still got rid of him. At least with Grossman they have a little bit more mobility in the pocket (I know, not much) and defenses have to be concerened about his threat of going downfield. On the other hand, Brian Griese has replaced Shane Matthews as the “Dink and Dunk” master of quaterbacks in the NFL with an array of “deadly” (yeah right) short passes. Always hesitant to go downfield and is about as mobile as a statue.

    Funny, how when Orton was 10-0 and when Grossman was shining none of this was brought up about Griese. The majority of people complaining are bandwagon fans and Chicago’s notorious out-of-town journalists who just need a good story (like that idiot Ryan Baker from NBC 5).

    Let’s face it, Grossman did well early and then teams found a great scheme for him. Multiple blitz packages and the D Line always getting their hands up on a pass. Right now, Defensive Coordinators are “outwitting” Ron Turner in play calls and why the Bears pass 2:1 over the run amazes me. It has to do with a lot of bad play calls and Grossman getting schemed which was inevitable. For those who want Grossman benched, think back to 1992/1993/1994 when Brett Favre did the SAME EXACT thing in Green Bay. If you watch the game and know something about football, the bears plays are really easy to figure out (pass vs. run) on the pre-snap due to their formation sets and personnel changes. The other problem is Jones vs. Benson. When Jones comes in, most teams will expect the pass and run possibility due to Jones’ experience picking up blitzes whereas Benson still struggles with this and usually only comes in on run only downs. Ron Turner needs to provide better play calling and the Bears/Grossman will pick things up again on a late season run.

    Sorry for the long post and Great Blog!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    No problem on the long post–good analysis. Your point about defenses easily revealing the Bears offense due to formations and sets goes back to something I was talking about: playaction passing.

    Early in the season it seemed that the run opened up the pass and the run/pass ratio was closer than what we have seen lately. Not only did we have plenty of downfield success with playaction, it keeps blitzers at bay–Run the ball with Benson down their throats and the blitzing will stop and playaction becomes a viable option again.

    I thank you for the link and for stopping by–I have added a link to your site (very cool) !

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