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BEARS 5-1?
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Monday, July 16th, 2018

BEARS 5-1?


Thanks to Big D for pointing this out to me.

Over at foxsports.com, they apparently think the Bears lost to the Cards last week. They have their record at 5-1.

They also write:

We’re not completely convinced that the Bears are who we thought they were, and we didn’t get any clues with this week’s bye. We’re not sure beating the 49ers next week would erase all our doubts, either, but it would be a good place to start.

Hello? They won last week. And the fact that they won with the most horrible of efforts should be in their favor; not a negative. They’ve won 2 close games and pounded on everyone else. Get this: I don’t care if your “doubts aren’t erased” yet, especially from a website that can’t even get the standings correct. The Bears are for real and should be feared–above all NFL teams. They could choose to play only defense for the entire 60 minutes and still make the playoffs. I hope the national media keeps talking about the Colts, the Chargers and whoever else they want to throw in there. It’ll just fuel the Bears even more.

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  • Big D

    Someone at foxsports.com must actually be reading what they are writing, they corrected the Bears record. I’m ok with the doubts from the national media. What the heck do they know, anyway? How many of them had the Dolphins in the playoffs?

    I like that there are 2 undefeated teams. They can play off each other and share the pressure that comes from a perfect record.

    And how about the Patriots? Quietest 5-1 team out there.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    The Pats are indeed the most quiet 5-1 team out there.

    I suspect the Bears will run into some trouble during that 3 game stretch with NY, NE and NYJ.

    I’m just hoping Lovie instills it in them each and every week that any team can beat them.

  • PV

    Yes, the Bears will lose at least one of those 3 straight roadies, because that’s almost always what happens when you have a three-game road stretch in the NFL. Inevitably, too much will made of any of those losses, but to me the schedule alone dictates certain losses.

    Ultimately all the talk and perceived respect or lack thereof doesn’t matter – what matters is getting their home field advantage, so can they beat the Giants or whomever you consider the next best team in the NFC this week. In other words, don’t be last year’s Colts and go 13-0 and have that be the highlight.

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