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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018



Over at the worldwide leader (in clutter and ads), Gene Wojciechowski writes/rips on the Bears.

“Have you ever seen a more dysfunctional, less-impressive 12-win team than these guys? Frauds don’t clinch a first-round bye as early as Game 14. But they’re also not the NFL’s best team. Or second best. Or third. Or fourth. Or maybe fifth. “

It’s asinine to even argue that there might be 5 teams better than the Bears in the NFL. Wojo laments about the Bears game against the Bucs on Sunday and even asserts that Dennis Green was correct about the Bears in his famous “Crown Them” rant. Wojo fails to mention that the Bears were up 21-3 in that game and obviously played as if the game was in hand. So they let them back in. And still won. Yawn.

After a lame attempt at humor regarding the Tank Johnson situation, Wojo writes, “Anyway, the more I watched, the more I realized how flawed and fragile this team is.”

That’s some acumen right there. Or not. Every contender has flaws and every contender has played bums. The Chargers beat the Raiders twice. The whole column is based on and filled with rationalizations. “I know the Bears are 10-0 in the NFC…but.” Save that garbage. And save your many Tank Johnson references. The Chargers have a guy out because the police shot him and their best defensive player was suspended for steroid use. Had I the time, energy or just thought it to be worthwhile, I could go down every team’s roster and find idiots.

How about the facts? The facts are the Bears are 12-2 with home field advantage all through the NFC playoffs. No team has allowed less points in the NFC and only the Chargers have scored more in the entire NFL.

Wojo says the Bears “need to admit they have a problem”. No they don’t. They have the same problems as every other team. It’s ridiculous that because Grossman had a few bad games the Bears don’t get the respect they deserve.

When you go cover the Super Bowl Wojo, bring some of those wet wipes for Philip Rivers. He’ll need to clean himself repeatedly after he see what the Bears have for him. And save a few for yourself to wipe all that egg off of your face.

  • http://www.inwaltwetrust.com Chris

    The only thing Philip Rivers may have to wipe off of his face is the smile he’ll be wearing after he torches a Bears defense that has allowed a combined 58 points to the Rams and Bucs over the last two weeks. They may be good, but they’re looking awful soft defensively.

    You say, “It’s ridiculous that because Grossman had a few bad games the Bears don’t get the respect they deserve.” Someone could just as easily argue, “It’s ridiculous that because Grossman had a few good games the Bears get the respect they don’t deserve.”

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    No one can’t because as I pointed out the Bolts are the only team with more points, the Bears are 12-2 and Grossman leads the league in games with passer rating over 100.

    The next time Philip Rivers plays a real defense will be his 2nd time this year. The 1st was the Ravens. He was woeful. And Grossman doesn’t have the greatest player in the game.

    The Chargers are the flavor of the day.

  • http://www.inwaltwetrust.com Chris

    Against which teams did Grossman post a passer rating greater than 100 against? Let’s see… Detroit, Seattle, Buffalo, San Francisco, New York (Giants), St. Louis, and Tampa Bay. In terms of total defense those teams rank 26th, 17th, 14th, 27th, 20th, 21st, and 23rd, respectively. Wow, some stout competition, right there.

    Grossman posted passer ratings of 64.9, 10.2, 36.8, 23.7, and 1.3 against Minnesota(8th-ranked Total D), Arizona(30th!), Miami(3rd), New England(6th), and Minnesota again. So, you’re saying Rivers is horrible against a good defense, but how about Grossman? Looks like he’s been pretty bad — or as you said, “woeful” — against a good defense, too. In case you were wondering, San Diego ranks right above Minnesota on that list.

    I’m not at all trying to make a case for Rivers being a superior quarterback, but you can’t spin Grossman like he’s one, either. The record shows that he’s solid against below average defenses and stinks against good defenses. I see no reason to give Grossman any more respect than I would give Rivers or anyone else, for that matter.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    This has morphed, probably due to my stubborness, into a Grossman vs. Rivers deal. They are both good QBs. Rivers statistcally better.

    My whole point was about the Bears and how little respect they get–for a 12-2 team. That is my perception. Writers like Wojo confirm it.

    Talking about Tank Johnson and Rex’s 1.3 game to make an argument about the Bears is specious at best.

  • PB

    Rivers is a little girl mang! His numbers were off-the-charts awful last week mang! Grossman has stepped up since the Greasey QB challenge mang! SD is one player, and a cast of average Joe’s. Now Jon Kitna is a real little girl mang! How many interceptions can he throw? At least one in each of the LAST TWELVE games mang! FIRE MILLEN!

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