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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018



All the worries of the preseason came to a screeching halt, with a hand to the face from Jerry Angelo that said “I told you so.” Bears 26, GB 0.

His first 2 picks in the draft, Danieal Manning and Devin Hester making huge contributions. Who wants Leonard Pope now?

Des Clark showing up big time. Muhsin Muhammad showing that he is a stud receiver. So I guess you don’t go from 16 TDs to bum status in one short year.

D-Lineman Mark Anderson, a 5th round Angelo pick, showing speed and moves, getting to Favre and sacking him.

The Bears DBs could have had 5 picks altogether. Favre was just throwing it up there for most of the 2nd Half.

And Rex Grossman playing like a veteran, getting the ball to his receivers and executing beautiful play-action.

But maybe the biggest star of all was sitting in a box high above the field. Ron Turner. He called a killer game. The mix was perfect. Granted, the Pack are brutal. But it was quite a win. You just know that Favre has all those retirement questions bouncing around inside his brain today. And it’s courtesy of the Chicago Bears.

The Bears weren’t deficient in any phase yesterday. They just need to stay consistent and stay healthy, the biggest task of all.

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