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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



Sure, sure. It was the lowly Rams. I care not. I finally got to see the Bears defense perform like it should have been all season long.

5 sacks, 4 picks and just 14 rushing yards allowed. Tommie Harris had 2 sacks. Wale added 2 more. Alex Brown had stuffs and a sack. Briggs was flying all over the field and had 2 picks, plus the assist on Urlacher’s with the batted ball. To see Tommie Harris blowing through the line was a thing of beauty. I have been waiting for that all year.

Was it schematic? Did all the talk finally get to them? Are the Rams just that bad? Maybe all of the above. But before you go and dismiss this performance as just an indication of how bad the Rams are…consider how bad the Bears defense has been all season. Lesser QBs than Marc Bulger have chewed up the Bears defense. And then the Bears knocked him out of the game.Good things happen when you get to the backup QB.

The Bears D did what they were supposed to do–and much more–against a lowly opponent. That hasn’t been the case all year, so let’s give them credit. They looked more like the Bears defense we grew accustomed to seeing week after week. It beats the alternative. Had the Bears won and the D been poor, people would be up in arms. The Bears played an excellent game, they are tied for first place and I am going to enjoy that for this week.

Let’s see if they can do something similar next week against AP and the Vikings. The division title may ride on it.

  • PB

    The Bears are a tough team to figure out. Look great this week; look horrible last week. At least as a Lions fan I know they will suck regardless of what week it is. FIRE MORONELLI MANG!

  • http://www.nogutsglory.blogspot.com swnole

    Just a good effort overall. I’m very anxious to see what they do next week. Hopefully they do revert back to the gameplan from the Packer game

  • dhaab

    An average team beats the worst team in the NFL. Big deal.
    The Bears won’t be going to the playoffs.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    What does that have to do with the Bears finally showing the D? I’d take the Rams over the Lions in a game.

  • dhaab

    I wish the Loins did play the Bears this season. You’d see very quickly how much worse the Rams are than any other team in the NFL. The Rams played well for three games this season immediately after Linehan was fired. However, they are a team that has yet again stopped trying and that has been glaringly obvious to anyone watching their games over the past month. You do realize the Lambs have been behind by at least 17 points at half time for 4 games in a row now, right? They were losing 35-3 at halftime to the pathetic 49′ers! That is the sign of a team that has simply quit.

    But you have every right to drink your kool-aid and think it was the Bears overrated defense suddenly coming back to life. LOL

  • dhaab

    edit: I meant I wish the Lions played the Rams.

  • http://pastthepylon.blogspot.com/ JM Van Horn

    Good to see the defense finally step up and play like they mean it. They just need to keep it up now.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Hah. The Bears defense is overrated? Maybe last year. But this year everyone just thinks it’s garbage, especially me.

    We’ll take any signs of life from that unit, be it against the Rams, the Lions or anyone.

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