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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018



A road loss to one of the NFL’s best teams is nothing to lose sleep over. But how you lose can definitely create cause for concern.

I still don’t understand why the Bears do not run the ball off tackle. Tait and Miller are acknowledged as two of the better run blockers in the game. Yet the Bears continue to plow up the middle. I would love to see what Benson can do in some open space. I’m guessing he would too. With the exception of one excellent power run, Benson looked like former Bear Neal Anderson at the end of his career–receive the handoff, put head down and plow for a couple yards.

Ron Turner’s gameplan was a little too cautious. Where was Hester? I saw him on the offense for only one play. I expected to at least see him as a decoy in the backfield. And I hoped to see him on some slants or quick screens and an end around or two. Instead he was a complete non-factor.

Grossman continued to give fans some reasons to doubt his ability to take this team all the way. His passing was crisp. But he had another goofy fumble and on two of the sacks it looked as if he was suffering from temporary blindness. He still shows little to no instinct in the pocket and looks clumsy trying to rollout away from pressure.

Mike Brown came back and was laying big hits on both Tomlinson and receivers. He had a nice pick and then got hurt yet again. It looks as if we’ll see a lot of Danieal Manning coming up. Manning may be improved, but it’s an obvious downgrade at that position.

On the plus side:

Bernard Berrian looked like he is the complete package. He made some nice catches in traffic and made some yards after the catch. He’s so much more than just a downfield option.

Adam Archuleta had a great first game. He was awesome against the run, going cross field in pursuit to make tackles. His pass coverage was solid from what I could tell.

The defensive line looks fierce. Dvoracek and Walker looked excellent and Ogunleye and Anderson recorded sacks. You saw all 6 of the linemen in the backfield at one time or another.

Hunter Hillenmayer–or Hillen Huntmayer as Troy Aikman referred to him once had a killer game. He’s not as big or fast as Urlacher or Briggs, but he make A LOT of plays on that defense.

  • PV

    I’m bracing myself for Season 3 of “Missin Mike Brown” Yes, he was playing great, and he’s a very good player, but if Larry Johnson goes nuts next week, I don’t want to hear anymore about how much they miss him. They need to move on.

    I expected the Bears to get hammered, and they played better than I expected for the most part, but no defense

  • PV

    can make up for four turnovers.

  • PB

    Seeing the Bears lose is always good in my book. However, they did play great D and deserved the win. The Thomas Jones trade may hang heavy over the running game this year. Oh, and it was fun watching Mike Adamle almost start crying after watching the Mike Brown interview. What a tool. FIRST PLACE LIONS! FIRE MILLEN MANG!

  • http://allonthefield.blogspot.com Kevin

    I heard that Mike Brown is done for the year. BTW, do you work for the Tribune Company?

  • dhaab

    Something tells me Angelo is kicking himself right now for trading away Chris Harris before the season began.
    I said all pre-season, I think the Bears are a talented team, but a below average offense and injuries will derail them this season. Two defensive starters lost for the year in week one may be a sign of things to come.
    At least the Bears played a decent game in a hostile environment. My Rams looked like do-do in the 2nd half vs. Carolina. Now Pace is gone for the season as well.
    What a horrible weekend for injuries in the NFL.

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    Good review of the game.

    Brown & Dvoracek out for the season. That sucks. Hopefully that will be the only injury bug bites we’ll suffer for the rest of the season.

    Hester who?
    Bradley who?
    Wolfe who?

    Thomas Jones has nothing to do w/ the Bears future. Benson out rushed LT. It was just 2 very good defenses goin’ at it.

    I’m somewhat bitter of that ridiculous fumble on the punt. That gave the Bolts the momentum and the game. Lucky break for them. Considering Chargers scored all 14 pts off our turnovers we gave them the game.

    No worries we roll KC this week.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Good call on Harris DH but I’m just not sure they liked him enough. That’s why they went out and got Archuleta, who looked great on Sunday.

    Lis–how bout it? No Hester, Bradley or Wolfe. All these weapons but no usage. Maybe Turner feels he needs to baby the offense a bit with Grossman, much like with Orton a few years ago. Reduce turnovers and work the pass off the run. And obviously they just couldn’t run the ball on Sunday.

    I agree Sunday will be a much different story. I just want to see them run it successfully–no matter who the back is.

  • dhaab

    I think you’ll grow tired of Archuleta quickly, Zoner.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    With Brown out and Manning in I’d say the odds of that have increased.

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