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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



I’ll say it. If the Bears had a different coaching staff yesterday, they likely would have won the game. No, they are not the only reason the Bears lost, but if a coaching staff’s supposed to put players “in the best position to win” than you’d have to say that Lovie Smith & Co. certainly blew it on Sunday.

It’s often been said that this coaching staff will not/cannot/does not like to make in-game adjustments. That was on display in hi-def.

The most obvious being the handling of Cedric Benson. Benson busted out of his NFL funk with a career long touchdown run and another run of 20+ yards. So Ron Turner then gave the ball to Adrian Peterson. And the people were stunned.

“We were going to get Adrian in and give him a chance to play and get him in and going on the third series.”

Hard to believe Turner, who has extensive coaching experience in college and the pros, would not alter the game plan after Benson carried 4 times for 66 yards and the big TD in the first quarter. I actually thought maybe Benson was hurt and we at home were not informed about it. So let me get this straight. You give it to him 25+ times when he can barely break the line of scrimmage. But he busts 2 long runs and starts the 2nd quarter on the bench? And ends up with 11 carries?

Turner’s other stroke of genius is to bring Devin Hester in for one play and give him the ball on that play and then that’s it. Everyone saw the reverse to Hester the second the ball was snapped. Who can explain why they don’t gameplan an entire series around Hester–if only for him to serve as a decoy? His usage (or lack of it) of Hester is criminal, and displays the utter lack of imagination of his offense.

The other play that really bothered me was the 4th down try. I couldn’t believe Smith went for it there and I think it was his worst in-game move in his tenure as Bears Head Coach. If memory serves Gould would have had a 42-yard attempt there. Had he made it it would have markedly changed the rest of the game. Besides that basic strategy, it was so obvious at that point the Bears were not going to gain an inch.

Maybe this team has bigger problems than just its personnel.

  • PB

    I’ve said all along that I’m surprised that Lovie and company continue to get a free pass from Chicago fans just because he took them to the SB. The coaching yesterday was horrible, and I’ve seen many poorly coached games (Lions fan). It’s a one-horse race in the NFC North, and it appears that the Pack will have home field throughout (brrrrrrr…) The Bears can only rebuild and plan for next year. Believe me, I am loving every minute of Bears fall from greatness. FIRE MILLEN MANG! 6-4 IS SMOKE AND MIRRORS!

  • Schmidty

    Perhaps Turner finally knows what we all have suspected…Benson isn’t a good player. Two decent runs aside, probably making sure he doesn’t work his average back to 2.9 YPC after them. With Benson, what goes up is sure to come down. Let’s give Turner credit for not forcing it. :)

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    This coaching staff’s problem is that they do not know how to make 1/2 time adjustments. Which is fine when you’re ahead and have such a dominate defense they don’t need to change anything to be successful (see last year). It’s really hurting the Bears now.

    The way Turner is using Hester on O is criminal.

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