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Saturday, March 17th, 2018



Unreal. Kyle Orton orchestrates an amazing drive to take the lead. And the Bears somehow lose.

The Ryan pass at the end was simply a microcosm of the game: he made plays all day long. That is why they lost. Against a rookie QB the Bears had zero sacks and zero turnovers. I don’t really remember him even geting hit.

The one turnover they did get was given right back by Tommie Harris, who apparently still hasn’t regained his focus. How do you drop that ball? Then Harris had the gall to suggest that his gaffe did not have anything to do with the loss.

Lovie Smith said they kicked a squib because some of the guys were “tired”. How are special teamers tired? That’s ridiculous. On the postgame show with Doug Buffone and Ed O’Bradovich, they were all over Smith for that comment–and other calls. They questioned the squib, they questioned Babich’s calls and they brought up that Smith is terrible at clock management. It’s hard to argue with any of those things.

Though it’s much deeper than this, the Bears defense has not been the same since Bob Babich took over. And the Bears are 3-3 when they could realistically be 6-0. Perhaps it’s a compliment to the coaching staff that they were in every game. But Buffone and O’Bradovich were saying that’s where coaching makes the difference–in all the close games.

I’m not saying Lovie Smith should be fired. But as fans we wonder about things like if a different coach would have won those games. Maybe it’s better put like this: do you think Smith and staff have done more to win close games or lose them?

And where are the Bears defensive stars? Urlacher has no picks, sacks or forced fumbles all season. Harris has been near invisible. Ogunleye has only 1.5 sacks–all in the Detroit game last week. These guys need to step up and make some big plays.

The Bears get the overrated Vikings and Lions next, both at home.

  • PB

    “And the Bears are 3-3 when they could realistically be 6-0.”

    They could also be 2-4 just as easily. The Bears are a mediocre team in a horrible division. Watching that loss yesterday was pretty sweet, simply because it turned the Bears fans from arrogant to whiners with one kick. At least the Bears were part of history: only three times since the expansion has a team scored with less than :15 on the clock and still lost. Way to go! The Lions are now the worst team in the NFC, and are closing in on the worst in the league. FIRE MORONELLI MANG!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    wow–that’s quite a stat.

  • dhaab

    PB, I totally agree. Your Loins should have won yesterday. That pass interference call at the end that set up the winning FG was a joke.
    Fire that ref, mang!

  • dhaab

    And I have to say that anyone who watched this game and wasn’t a Bears fan, would think the Bears were outplayed for almost the entire game and had no business even being in it in the 4th quarter. To say they “gave” this game away is inaccurate. If anything, the Falcons gave the game to the Bears.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    That’s an accurate assessment D. No doubt they were out played. But the Bears did give it back.

  • JKDilla


    HOW MANY times have you seen a fanbase be so happy to have owned so little of a game? Losing was good cuz Bears overall did not deserve the W in the first place.

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