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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018



The Bears MVP on Sunday? Robbie Gould? Perplexy Rexy? Rashied Davis? All good choices. But it’s Ron Turner, Bears Offensive Coordinator. The Bears came out on the first drive and ran the football and then they ran it some more. They ran it 10 of the 1st 14 plays and on the opening TD drive the last 3 plays were Thomas Jones runs.

It gave the Bears the lead and Rex got some confidence on that drive. Without that lead I believe the Bears lose yesterday. Grossman hasn’t yet proved he can bring back a team and his 4th quarter passer rating is brutal. So major props to Ron Turner for calling a great game.

As for Ron Rivera and the D, not so much. I had hoped they would adjust their scheme to somehow clog the middle and stop the run. Instead Alexander was barreling through the line.

I was actually disappointed in the O-Line and the D-Line. I thought the Seahawks’ D got to Grossman too many times. And while the Bears had some nice drives, I thought the O-Line would be punishing the Seahawks smaller defense and getting some long runs. That didn’t happen.

The other problem–and it is a verified problem now–is Hester’s indecisiveness. He’ll wave off the Bears on a punt and then go and try to grab it. Or he will make a running diving catch to get to the ball. There’s a lot you will put up with when a guy scores 6 TDs on returns. But goodness–it’s a punt—if you can’t field it cleanly just let it go. Please. First things first. Just catch it.

As for next week, I had hoped to find that Brees had played better inside the dome than outdoors. Not the case. Same with grass and turf. He’s better on grass. He’s amazing on 3rd & longs. He’s deadly on 1st down. I can only imagine what Bush and McAllister will do next week. Simply put, if the Bears play another game of run defense like yesterday’s they will not be going to Miami. They need to chew clock and keep Brees and Co. off the field.

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  • http://www.windycitysportsblog.com WindyCitySportsBlog.com

    The defense almost had a repeat of last year…except they came up big when it counts on 3rd and short. To me, Grossman was the MVP in this game. Besides, the fumble he was mistake free. He wasn’t average, he was great. Im not so sure I would say that he hasn’t proved he can bring a team back in the 4th quarter. He did it against Minnesota in week 3, almost did it against Carolina last year in the playoffs, and pretty much did it yesterday. If you rely on the defense yesterday, we lose the game.

    One thing Grossman isnt is consistent, but I like his perseverance when the heat is on. That’s what makes a great quarterback. Honestly, i was more afraid of the seahawks than the saints and i feel the bears will have an easier time against the saints, especially at home.

  • Shocker.

    About the defense….does it seem to bother anyone else that in the two weeks leading up to an important playoff game, the Bears defensive coordinator is flying around the country interviewing for other jobs??? This happened both this year and last year, and the defense didn’t seem to show up for either game. I know asst. coaches and coordinators do this all the time…but at what point can an organization say, “Hey buddy, get your head out of Arizona and Miami, and do your frickin’ job here!!!” Maybe it’s not a factor, but come on! Perhaps there should be a rule that teams aren’t allowed to interview/hire until after the Super Bowl?

    Bears 23, Saints 17

    Pats 17, Colts 13

    Bears 31, Pats 23

    That is all.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Wow–tough picks!

    As for Rivera, it doesn’t bother me that he is interviewing elsewhere. What bothers me is they did not implement some sort of scheme/run blitz/whatever to stop Seattle’s run game.

    I still like the Bears too but with a higher total, unless weather is a factor. Another 27-24 win?

    And of course, I will love love love watching Manning and the Colts lose.

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