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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



When it comes to the Bears, it’s fair to say that with each new season I am exceedingly optimistic. You say the glass is half-empty? I don’t just say it’s half-full. I say look at those droplets all around the sides–those have to count for something too, right?

But even your ever-hopeful Zoner had to laugh when I read these words from Rex Grossman in today’s Chicago Tribune:

“My mind-set is I want to be the best quarterback in the NFL. And I feel like we’ve got the talent around the quarterback position to let that happen.”

That sound you heard was the league office click-click-clicking Grossman’s name up on the list for drug testing.

Perhaps Grossman really believes that. Perhaps he is trying to garner some points with his new teammates. Whatever the case, as long as the Cowboys, Saints and Patriots–off the top of my head–play in this league, the Bears will not have the best offense in the NFL. They will not have the best offense in the NFC. They will likely not have the best offense in their own division.

Can all that change? Can it all come together between today’s practice and game 1 of the regular season? I suppose. But let’s just start by getting our #1 pick signed. Because we all know if we can get the running game going and the defense remains strong, we have a good shot. I’m getting stoked thinking about it!

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  • dhaab

    LOL Good ole Rexy. He sure knows how to talk the talk. Just can’t walk the walk. He’s going to be a politician someday. :)

    BTW, the only thing the number 1 and the Bears offense will have in common this year is in the “most pathetic in the NFL” category. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  • PB

    I think Rex has been hitting the whip-its again. Kitna has a better shot at being “the best QB in the NFL.” BAHAHAHAHA! FIRE MILLEN MANG!

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