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Sunday, May 27th, 2018



I will make this simple. I think the Bears are going to pound the Seahawks. But I will also tell you what worries me. The Crafty Walrus against Lovie Smith. That might be the battle that decides the game.

Remember last year the Bears pounded Carolina in the regular season and then got embarrassed at Soldier Field by the Panthers. While this Bears team is certainly better than last year’s, the scenarios are eerily similar–Bears throttled the Seahawks earlier this year. I don’t know how much, if any, stock should be put into that. But I’m guessing it’s bouncing around in a lot of football fans’ minds.

Holmgren probably doesn’t get enough credit for being one of the better coaches in the league. But he took Seattle to the Super Bowl last year and took an injury-depleted team back to the playoffs this year. Sure, Butterfingers Romo has a lot to do with the Bears facing the Seahawks on Sunday. But Holmgren remains one of the better coaches in the game. Will he be able to come up with a gameplan to thwart the Bears D? Maybe, but I really doubt it.

Seattle’s defense is mediocre at best (ranked #19 in NFL) and their secondary is in shambles. Their O-Line allowed 49 sacks this year. The Bears can establish the run and then allow Grossman some playaction passing. If they protect him he will shine. On D the Bears will come out and get to Hasselbeck. Write this down: we will see at least one defensive TD by the Bears in this game.

Final Predicition:

Bears 31, Seattle 13.

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  • PB

    Come on mang! SeaBirdies may surprise you mang! Hassle-bach is the man mang! Seriously, if Grossman shows up and plays a mediocre game, the Bears should roll. If 0.0 makes an appearance it might be curtains for the Monsters! FIRE MILLEN!

  • http://completesports.blogspot.com twins15

    You know how I feel about Rex Grossman, but I like the Bears here too. The Seahawks are so banged up they’ll have trouble scoring on the great Bears D, and I think Rex will be able to put enough points on the board.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    No Darrell Jackson either.

  • Mac

    ok why is everyone saying the bears are goin to win hahaha no way. seattle has played vs the packers and shaun alexander ran for 201 yards.also with touchdown passes to jearmey stevans, darrel jackson, and dj haccket. But the packers went to the bears and guess what. The packers beat the chicago bears. i dont know why you would think the bears are goin to win i think seahawks takes the victory 27-20

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I pretty much covered in my post why I think they will win. I think while they had a fine season considering their massive injuries, they are not last year’s Seahawks.

  • Miles Russell

    Bears 34 – 0. Urlacher MVP. Seattle has no first downs in first half. Seattle looks lost and befuddled.


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