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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



Bears thoughts and bits from last night…

– I was listening to sports talk radio this morning and heard Mike North make a salient point. He said if Reggie Bush had even 4 kick returns for TDs he would be the Rookie of the Year without question. So why not Devin Hester–who has a NFL record 6?

– I have really taken to Bears radio announcer Jeff Joniak. Joniak is especially fun on big plays. On Hester’s 2nd TD return last night his call went something like this: “He’s to the 40, 30…Devin-Hester-is-ridiculous!” Perhaps you had to hear it, but it was great. And Devin Hester is ridiculous.

– Hester also made a great open field tackle on Stephen Davis and nearly had an interception of Bulger.

– Joe Theismann said that Marc Bulger is the most accurate passer in the league. I’m not sure about that. But after looking at his numbers, you have to put him in the team picture. Since 2002 his completion percentages have been 64.5, 63.2, 66.2, 66.9 and 63.3 this season. And he’s going downfield too.

– Thomas Jones won’t go away. He had an outstanding game last night. Benson did too, but I have a new concern about Benson. While he is doing most of the punishing, it seems with his inside running he is getting hit hard on every carry. That worries me.

– I think Tony Kornheiser is still talking about how it was a Bears crowd at a St. Louis home game. A buddy of mine told me that Ram fans are so disgusted with their team that they are selling their tickets. Apparently Bears fans were gobbling them up.

–Finally, Grossman was great last night. Griese doesn’t get 50% of the snaps this week. Good for you kid.

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  • PB

    Nice game by Grossman. But, the officials blew two key calls against the Rams. Grossman clearly fumbled. He got his bell rung mang! That forward motion was from the hit, not Rex mang! And since when are you down in bounds in the NFL if nobody touches you? The clock should have stopped when Ike rolled out mang! Cost the Rams a down and some valuable time. Ah well, GO LIONS! FIRE MILLEN!

  • Shocker.

    Don’t they give an offensive rookie of the year and a defensive rookie of the year? In that case, how does a special teams player fit into that equation? But I don’t think it even matters, because Vince Young is the rook of the year so far….you gotta take the Quarterback who’s led some pretty awesome comebacks over the last four weeks with a team that was basically left for dead.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I believe punt returns are considered defense while Kick returns are offense. 6 TDs in 47 touches–but Young is a worthy candidate too.

  • http://www.windycitysportsblog.com WCSB.com

    Zoner, I was actually at the game on Monday night and it was all Bears fans in the stadium. The atmosphere was just like a big playoff game. We sat in the second row behind the Rams bench just at the 45 yard line (we actually made it on TV). You simply cannot appreciate how good and fast Hester is until you see him in person. The first kickoff he ran back was nicely setup by the special teams and the hole was similar to Moses parting the Red Sea. I vote for Hester as Rookie of the Year, but Young surely is a close second. Just my two cents….

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    Nice site… lots of content :)

    Hestor is a beast! I posted the video w/ Jeff’s play call on my site.



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