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Thursday, August 16th, 2018



No one needs a bye week more than the Bears right now. But it’s sad in that it probably doesn’t matter.

The wafting stench hovering over Chicago this morning is coming off the lake, where the Bears crapped the bed on Sunday. This one will stink for a long time. Let’s discuss.

Bernard Berrian has had a terrible season. I cannot find stats on drops, but I’ll bet Berrian is in double digits. It’s poor coaching that they have him trying to make plays in the middle of the field.

Cedric Benson resumed his lethargic ways. He dropped an easy pass, fumbled a pitch and didn’t even try to catch a bad pass by Griese. And he can’t even stay on the field for 3rd down because of his poor passing game skills. What is most interesting about the whole Benson pick is that Angelo and Smith made it a point to fill the roster with speed, speed and more speed. But they didn’t do it at running back. I can’t get past that.

In today’s NFL maybe you do need 2 solid running backs. But your #1 had better to be able to play on all downs. Benson can’t. That’s really ridiculous.

I’ve enjoyed watching Archuleta hit people and make tackles. But that had to be the most stupid pass interference penalty I’ve seen in years.

Enough of the trying to jump the snap garbage. Tommie Harris got away with one earlier in the season, but yesterday he burned the Bears badly by getting an encroachment on 4th & 1. Just brutal.

Maybe the Bears made their living stripping balls from runners hands last year, but it obviously isn’t working as well this year. I’d much prefer just tackling the players. I have a new formula. Every missed strip adds 8-10 yards to a play for the opposing offense. It’s beyond maddening.

What exactly is it about Griese that he freaks against the Lions of all teams? You can defend some interceptions, but yesterday Griese had some really bad ones. If they were down multiple scores, you might be able to accept him throwing it up and letting the receiver try and make a play. But in a close game? Brutal.

The Bears come back from the bye with 2 road games. First at Oakland, then a Sunday night game at Seattle. Then they get Denver and the Giants at home.

For a team that can only afford one more loss, it sure isn’t looking good. I thought they would thrash the Lions and head into the bye at 4-4. Now they sit at 3-5 and are likely to be watching the playoffs with the rest of us.

  • PB

    That is probably the biggest Lion win in about seven years. Sweeping the Bears is sweeeeeeet! What is surprising to me is that I don’t hear much blame being placed on Lovie. Why is that? I will, however, still not go crazy over the Lie-downs quite yet. The teams they’ve beaten are a combined 11-19 on the season. Plus they’ve been crushed two times by the NFC East. Who knows? At least the Bears and their arrogant fans have been shut down for now. FIRE MILLEN MANG!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    At least the Bears and their arrogant fans have been shut down for now.

    Truer words were never spoken.

  • dhaab

    What is surprising to me is that I don’t hear much blame being placed on Lovie. Why is that?

    Lovie is a good ole boy. How can you blame someone who has such a disarming smile? Plus, he’s a great pitch man for Comcast!

    As for the Bears, I think many people saw this coming a long time ago. The QB situation has always been tenuous and the defense is a bit overrated. It really is amazing how thin the line is between good and bad in the NFL. The only two franchises who can withstand a few significant injuries right now are the Colts and Pats.

    Speaking of that, does anyone else believe the Pats are becoming a team with no respect for the game? They’ve started to run up the score in the past month on a few teams and their actions yesterday against the Skins was way across the line, IMO.

  • PV

    I think the Patriots should score as many points as they can and want – it’s the effin’ pros! This is the first time that I can remember a professional footbal team being asked about running up the score, a testament to how good they are. I mean, they did bring in Matt Cassel, and what’s he supposed to do, not try? I don’t see how that would respect the game (whatever that means, anyway).

  • dhaab

    PV, when a team goes for it on 4th down when they’re up by 38 and 45 points something is very wrong. If you honestly don’t think Belicheat is trying to stick it to the league right now, you are watching with your eyes closed. Just because your team is dominant, doesn’t mean you have to humiliate your opponents. BTW, there have been numerous NFL teams who were dominant at times who didn’t run up scores like this. Belichik has had other great teams these past few years. Why didn’t he run up the score then? Could it have something to do with him being fined by the NFL for cheating this year? Hmmmm……

    Karma is a bitch and it will come back to this team big time.

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    Pats go 19-0. IMO is a great thing becaue there’s no team I hate more then the 72′ Fins who think they’re so sweet for going 13-0 in a pre parity era.

    Bears are done and now are cap heavy.

    Personally I hope JA signs Derek Anderson. 6’6″ 24 years old 3rd best QB in the league right now (statistically). He’s a RFA so it would cost draft pick(s) but I don’t care. I’m so tired of not seeing a QB in Chicago.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Sadly, QB may be the least of our worries. I could live with Griese if we had a true RB, one more solid WR and a couple of fresh OL. Griese is being asked to do more than he’s capable of and he’s done a good job with it. Because they can’t run the ball, “manage the offense” became “win the game for us”. That’s hard for any QB.

  • PB

    The Bears need to try and get Jake Long from Michigan. Best offensive lineman in the country. That could go a long way towards saving that o-line.

  • PV

    dhaab, here’s the thing – if the teams don’t like what the Pats are doing, stop it. Don’t let them convert those fourth downs, or, you know, actually show up and give ‘em a game. Or fight back. In other sports, there’s a beanball or the hard foul – and in football, there’s opportunities every play for physical payback. As long as the Pats are willing to deal with the consequences – being hated, opening themselves up to retaliation, or not getting handshakes after the game – they can do what they want, and have no real obligation not to humiliate their opponents, and, in fact, it might make them better if they’re merciless.

    In sum, yes, the Pats are arrogant assholes, and I defend their right to be arrogant assholes. You’re right, payback is a bitch, but until a team steps up to pay them back, it’s the rest of the league that’s the bitch.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Someone was asking if there is even such a thing as running it up in the pros. When you consider that points scored comes into a tiebreaker situation (albeit rarely) is it ever wrong to keep scoring?

    “BTW, there have been numerous NFL teams who were dominant at times who didn’t run up scores like this.” Like?

  • dhaab

    Um, like the great Gibbs Redskins teams in the 80′s. The great Dolphins teams never did it. The dominant 49′ers teams in the late 80′s. I could go on forever here.

    Look, I’ve been watching the NFL for over 35 years and I’ve never seen a team blatantly running up scores like the Pats are right now. Do they have the right to do this? Of course. That’s not the point, though. They have an obligation to the rest of the league not to do it. Belicheat has a chip on his shoulder and he’s trying to stick it to the rest of the league for getting punished for cheating. The funniest part about this to me is that ESPN (the network who literally craves controversies and talks about them ad nauseum even when there isn’t one) hasn’t even said a word about it.

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