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Monday, July 16th, 2018



Some Bears thoughts the day after the beloved win the NFC North for the second year in a row.

– Over and over we have heard how the Bears are a running team. But yesterday on a 3rd & 2 Grossman chose to throw a bomb to Muhammad. Incomplete, 4th down. Running teams line up and smash your face on 3rd & 2, even if the other team knows it’s coming. The Bears are not a running team.

– I thought it would be this week, but perhaps next week will be the week Cedric Benson gets more carries than Thomas Jones. Benson looked much better than Jones on Sunday. His 24-yd. TD was what RBs should do–and what Jones has lacked this year. Benson took the carry off right guard and burst outside, turned the corner and was gone for the score.

We’ve now seen Benson–in limited and inconsistent playing time–demonstrate good vision, punish defenders and break some long runs. If you are looking for a RB to tire out a defense it looks like Benson is the man.

– Call me crazy, but I still think Rex should be starting again next week. I’d give Griese more reps at practice, but Rex needs to work it out.

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  • http://thearmchairquarterback.blogspot.com/ Mike (The Armchair QB)

    The Grossman situation is tricky. Smith has seen his potential and I’m sure doesn’t want to destoy his confidence (if his play hasn’t already done that) by pulling him. I don’t think he sees Griese as a long term solution and there is a possibility Grossman could be. Yet Griese may be better for the Bears this year. If Grossman has two more terrible games in a row, Lovie may have no choice though. His defense will rise up in mutiny.

  • PV

    I agree that he should start next week. But I think that if Rex has another bad first half, he should be benched, and watch from the sidelines to see how Griese executes the offense. Then the following week I would have no problem putting Rex back out there to start again. But then if he STILL can’t throw to the right team, then bench him and move on.

    I couldn’t escape thinkning on Sunday what this team would like with Griese and Benson in there instead of Rex and Two-Step Thomas Jones. It might resemble a champion…

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