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Monday, July 16th, 2018



Incredible first possession for the Bears. But Al Michaels surprised me with his reaction on the Greg Olsen touchdown. He was stunned that Andy Reid did not challenge the play, but it was obvious Olsen had both feet in bounds. Michaels is always sharper than that. The left foot was clearly on the ground when Olsen made the catch. Then his “Fight On, Chicago Bears resonating throughout the stadium” line after Hester’s TD was rather lame too.

Ron Turner found his creative button! But if his goal is to get Devin Hester killed with those short passes, he’s well on his way to achieving it. Why call those when he knows Hester is hurt and you know he’s going to get hit? Speaking of Hester, why is it week 4 and I haven’t seen Hester try to beat someone on a fly?

Orton missed early on 2 deep balls. And of course, Hester drops a catchable ball, a growing trend here in 2008 for the Bears.

I love how Madden said DeSean Jackson “caught it perfectly” on the dropped punt. Couldn’t happen to a cockier guy either. His “whatever” face on the sideline after his Monday night gaffe spoke volumes. The Marty Booker TD right after his fumble was sweeeeeeet.

Madden was also way off base when he said Orton held the ball for too long on the play where his arm was hit and he was picked off. John Tait got beat miserably–and quickly–and Orton got nailed. Not his fault.

But the best part of the night was the goal-line stand. And Madden actually called that when he said the Bears would not fold again.

So the Bears beat Indy and Philly, but lose to Tampa Bay and Carolina?

  • HeyBuddy

    As usual, dead on Zoner.

    Can we all chip in and get Brian Urlacher a pair of these to increase his vertical leaping ability? http://www.strength-shoes.com/ An elite player can not let that first Eagles touchdown pass get over/by him.

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