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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



As valued reader ML stated bluntly, “How much more do they have to do to tell this puss that his shoulder is fine? They should change his name in all the programs to Kerry Wont.”

That remark came based on the news that Wood’s shoulder looks perfect upon re-examination.

“RHP Kerry Wood visited Dr. Tim Kremchek in Cincinnati on Monday. Kremchek operated on Wood’s shoulder last August. Wood threw a side session while hooked up to equipment for biomechanical analysis. “The MRI in Dr. Kremchek’s terms, stated it was pristine, that the labia repair looked as if it was completely intact, looked like it had healed nicely and perfectly. He said his rotator cuff looks pristine, the joint looks good. So there is no significant concerns of any kind of significant issue or injury or anything like that,” trainer Mark O’Neal said. Wood is back on the disabled list after making just four starts. …”

Then buddy Tim Ellsworth passed along this nugget from Rotoworld, indicative of how Dusty rolls:

“With Phil Nevin starting in left field, Matt Murton is on the bench Monday, even through the Cubs are facing left-hander Chris Capuano.

Juan Pierre has a 502 OPS against lefties. Jacque Jones is at 631. Still, it’s Murton, who is at 916 in 68 at-bats, getting sent to the bench to make room for Nevin. Dusty Baker has done a lot more harm than good all season long.”

If you’re going to give Murton a chance to roll, it’s against lefties. But Dusty would rather play the vets. In his defense Jones and Nevin had been providing some power, so he would have heard it if he sat them too.

I don’t think Dusty will last past the All-Star Break.


  • <span class="anon-comment-author">PB</span>

    I think it’s great that Ozzie is creating all of this controversy. Maybe the distractions will help lead to the demise of the Sox, and the TIGERS will be world champs mang! Restore the roar! Motor City Kitties!

  • http://chicagozoner.blogspot.com <a href="http://chicagozoner.blogspot.com" rel="nofollow">The Zoner</a>

    And maybe the Lions will win the NFC!

  • http://www.inwaltwetrust.com <a href="http://www.inwaltwetrust.com" rel="nofollow">Chris</a>

    Great info, Zoner. Anytime I need any news out of Chicago, you’re my guy.

    I don’t really care for Ozzie personally, but I love that he’s outspoken and isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers. The whole Mariotti thing has given me a good laugh. As far as Tony and Duncan go, I always enjoy when someone gets those two fired up enough to actually show some emotion. They think their own poop don’t stink and they like to let everyone know about it, so I’m glad Ozzie isn’t afraid to fire back. Let’s just hope he doesn’t pull a McClendon during batting practice before the game tonight.

  • http://chicagozoner.blogspot.com <a href="http://chicagozoner.blogspot.com" rel="nofollow">The Zoner</a>

    Thanks Chris. Good to see you are posting regularly again.

    You better trust in Walt the way things are going over there–he needs to bring in some reinforcements.

    Of course getting Pujols back and calling up Reyes is a good start…

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