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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018



The excellent David Haugh has some juicy bits about Cedric Benson in today’s Tribune.

Another byproduct of Cedric Benson’s slow start could be a national media following the Bears this year more than ever will dredge up the cool reception Benson once got in the locker room. After Sunday’s game, Yahoo! Sports reported a conversation with an unnamed Bear in July that suggested Benson still has hard feelings for Brian Urlacher and Ricky Manning Jr. for their treatment of him. The same online report quoted an anonymous Chargers player saying of Benson: “We felt we could get in his head. It’s not like we were looking at Larry Johnson or anyone back there saying ‘let’s go.’ I talk to guys around the league. [Benson] took himself out of the Super Bowl. That’s letting down your team. I guess that’s what kind of guy he is. We knew that, and we played accordingly.”

When it comes to personality, Benson is not Thomas Jones. Defiant from the moment he was interviewed after being drafted by the Bears, Benson isn’t all cuddly nor seemingly interested in putting on a happy face. Good. I hope he uses all the knocks–perceived and otherwise–to put a chip on his shoulder and start barreling through and over defenders.

He’s had only a handful of solid games in his pro career. On Sunday he needs to gain at least 100 yards and hit the end zone to start erasing some of the doubts about his makeup and ability. A huge performance by Benson on Sunday could go a long way toward the Bears’ success this year, much like Grossman’s hot start a year ago propelled the Bears into some new territory.

  • Mike O’Donnell

    Not that this has anything to do with Benson…but did you see what Pinella said about the rest of the season?
    “We just need to win more than we lose over the next twenty games and we’ll be fine.”

    Genius. MOTY material.

  • http://www.windycitysportsblog.com WindyCitySportsBlog.com

    I completely agree, the KC game will be huge for both Benson and Grossman, although I didn’t think Rexy had too bad of a game. Had some nice passes once the offensive line picked up the blitz. Nice to also see him in the shotgun in a big game. The INT still is questionable, but it looked like miscommunication and Berrian cutting the route short. Still, it was thrown in heavy coverage.

    I found it a tad odd that Benson was on the sideline wearing a hat during a crucial drive that Peterson ended up fumbling on…apparently it was the “sun in his eyes”. Not sure if he was a bit banged up, but it looked like the Bears were making a statement to him on that drive.

    The Bears also need to show him how to pick up a blitz from the weak side. He nearly got Grossman killed when he ran straight up the middle. In a base 3-4, he has to know that in most cases, the blitz is going to be from the outside or a linebacker stunt with the offensive tackle. It was clear earlier in the game that when Peterson was in, the Bears were going to pass.

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    TJ 42 rushing yards
    LT 25 rushing yards

    Ced Ben 42 rushing yards.

    Benson looks as good as Jones and LT playing against a much tougher defense then TJ played against.

  • dhaab

    Benson = Enis. I’ve read and heard multiple sources who say Benson doesn’t even like playing football. It’s all about the green backs for him. Yet another reason why the Bears may not be making the playoffs this season.

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