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Thursday, June 21st, 2018



Talking with colleague and dedicated Zoner reader PB, I realized that this just might be–at least leading up to it–the most exciting weekend of football ever. I can’t remember when I was so excited about the entire slate of games. To be sure, the Bears being a part of it has a lot to do with it. But look at the other games. On paper they are amazing. I’ve already predicted a 31-13 Bears thrashing. Here’s a look at the big weekend.

Colts at Ravens- The Ravens are back in the postseason with their fierce D and Steve McNair against Manning and the Colts. What happens to Manning’s image if he loses? Does Billick obtain the genius label if he gets back to the Big Game? Recall that Manning and McNair shared MVP honors in 2003. McNair and Jamal Lewis were buried by most over the past year or two. Now they both might make it back to Super Bowl.

Zoner pick: Ravens 20, Colts 14.

Eagles at Saints- The Eagles are arguably the hottest team in the league and the Saints are the feel-good story of the year. The Eagles try to get back to the Big Game sans McNabb and T.O. while Drew Brees and a slew of weapons play some of the most exciting football in the league. Hard not to see a shootout here. And that could be fun.

Zoner pick: Eagles magnificent story is done. Saints 31, Eagles 20.

Patriots at Chargers- Phil Simms says Philip Rivers experience is irrelevant. I’m not sure if we can actually quantify that, but I have to lean the other way. He’s playing his first playoff game against the new Joe Montana, Tom Brady. They are up against the coach of the millenium in Belichick. Think he might have a wrinkle or two for Rivers? Bet on it. Now the game might not call for Rivers to be a main factor. But if it does my bet is that the Pats take it. Of course, it didn’t bother Brady when he took over for Bledsoe.

Zoner pick: Patriots 27, Chargers 17.

Bring it up. Let me know what you think about these games.

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  • PB

    Oh mang! Not gonna leave the TV all weekend! I like the Chargers over the Pats. That front 7 in SD is sweetness. The Raven D is badazz mang! Peyton and Marvin weren’t on the same page last week, or the week before mang! Manning throws three picks and Baltimore rolls. I like the Saints, but barely. They might have to flip a coin to determine the winner of this one mang! And the Monsters will take care of the Seabirdies. Although the birdies are used to playing in the nasty cess pool of weather known as Seattle. Expect a 7-6 game after Hester runs back a missed FG attempt, but this time backwards and blindfolded! Seattle scores on a 78 yard TD pass to Darrell Jackson, with the aid of his electric wheelchair being pumped up with some voltage mang! But ROMO makes a triumphant return to the field as a Hawk, only to bobble the extra point! FIRE MILLEN! FEAR THE MOTO CITY KITTIES!

  • http://www.heavenlyheartburn.wordpress.com Gordon Cloud

    The only one I would pick differently is the Colts and Ravens. I believe the Colts will squeak by.

    Tom Brady will find a way to beat the Chargers, but it won’t hurt my feelings if he doesn’t.

    Since my Jaguars are out of the picture, I am pulling for the Saints.

  • http://thearmchairquarterback.blogspot.com/ Mike (The Armchair QB)

    We’re in sync with picks this week. And you’re right, they are pretty decent games on paper. Let’s hope they hold up in real time.

  • http://www.windycitysportsblog.com WCSB

    I think Philly hangs on to beat the Saints. The Superdome usually is as neutral as Switzerland. The Saints lack playoff experience (besides Brees, Fujita, etc.) Bush is a great running back, but this is his first experience in a big playoff game (NFL that is..) and I think the Saints run game will suffer against Philly defense even though there run defense has struggled most of the year. Probably the best 2 pass catching running backs in the game will be matched against each other in this one (Bush/Westbrook).

    I think the Eagles will be a bit cautious to blitz a lot on the Saints with Brees being excellent on reads and hitting short routes quickly. Dawkins and Sheppard have seemed to be a bit confused out there lately. You could say the Saints have own the intangible of playing at home, but being in a dome minus any favourable weather or stadium attributes does them nothing. The Eagles are as experienced as it gets in the playoffs (the majourity of them at least) and I feel Garcia will play as good as billed.

    Eagles 23 Saints 17

  • http://www.brssports.blogspot.com WBRS Sports Blog

    I like every pick you have! I think the Chargers are going down!

  • Big D

    I share your thoughts on the Bears, but thats it. Then again, I have had one of my worst seasons for picks in years.

    I like SD in a close one over the Pats (20 – 17).

    Philly will put a spank’n on the Saints (27 – 10).

    Ravens will look overwhelmed as Manning steps up (24 – 9).

    Bearz!! 28 – 6 Let’s see if a healthy secondary can be as good as I think they can?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    You think the Saints will score only 10 points? Maybe in the 1st quarter…

  • http://www.heavenlyheartburn.wordpress.com Gordon Cloud

    Congrats to da Bears!

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