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Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Blog Wars and Booing


boo-cubsI think I like a good Blog War as long as I am not a participating combatant. A blog war, for those who don’t know, is when one blogger pens a post and then another blogger takes umbrage with it. Soon after, comments and subsequent posts are flying around until there is a winner. If that can’t be determined then it’s off to the bench press.

A recent Chicago blog war started when Stormin Norman at NQTC wrote a post called “Why It’s Okay To Boo Milton Bradley But You Were Kind Of A Dick For Booing Jacque Jones“. Then Another Cubs Blog absolutely cut that up like a psycho with a switchblade. NQTC slapped back with “Players Should Not Be Accountable To Fans (And Other Crazy Theories From The Cubs Blogosphere)“. Then Bleacher Nation chimed in with “The Cublogoverse Is BOOOOOOOO“.

So there’s the chronology of it — I think. Anyway, I think it’s perfectly fine to boo players. I do have standards for that though, of course. I usually reserve it for lack of hustle, and most Cardinals. Bad calls are certainly booable. Fans dropping easily catchable foul balls? Extremely booable. I’m compelled to boo them. Pitchers that are afraid to throw strikes? Booable. Refuse to hit the cutoff man? You’re totally getting booed. Quick hook for a starter? Manager gets a bit of boo.

Now the boos should not contain profanity, and any catcalls should be clever. I don’t dig getting personal with boos, unless it’s all in good fun.

Do you boo?

  • http://www.theworldofisaac.com Isaac

    i mercifully booed gary sheffield in detroit anytime I was at a game

    dude is a huge loser

  • http://paneech.com paneech

    I usually boo when the team I am rooting for is playing really bad. There should be a sidebar here of the difference between booing and heckling.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Good point. I enjoy heckling more because it usually is in good fun, at least for me.

  • http://www.legendofcecilioguante.com Cecilio’s Scribe

    I flip-flop on this one all the time. as a mets fan, i’ve spent years booing our closers (not anymore). now jj putz draws my ire. If you consistently fail at your job – say armando benitez closing games – is it justified to boo everytime that bullpen door opens up and said huge, embarrassing failure emerges? one hand is…”he makes millions to do job and is failing, hell yes.” other side is “it can’t possibly help him, so if you’re a fan of team don’t ever boo.” so…torn…

  • http://www.timellsworth.com Tim

    I think you’re a lousy fan if you don’t boo at the proper times. I think you’ve done a good job of identifying most of those times. I certainly boo the Cubs. I might boo players who bolt in free agency, depending upon the circumstances. Players who do steroids are also worthy of being booed.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I should add that some of my best heckles go to fans on their cell phones at the ballgame. Why do you want to be on the phone at a game? Aren’t you at the game to get away from all that stuff???

  • http://cakerockstheparty.blogspot.com Andrew

    I stopped booing.

    I once had too good of seats and a pitcher heard my friends taunting him.

  • dhaab

    Well, if anyone knows about fans on cell phones during baseball games, it’s a Cubs fan. (Simply could not let that one go. It was way too easy)

  • dhaab

    I usually only boo when my team is playing badly or the ref/ump makes a really bad call.

    I really can’t remember ever booing Cubs players. Must be because I’ve watched my team (Cardinals) win multiple World Series and therefore I don’t have a lifetime full of angst and hatred built up inside of me. :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/bigseanpower10 Big Sean

    For me it depends on the situation, if a player doesn’t give a hundred percent then i’ll boo him like if he just lets the ball drop in front of him when he could dive for it.

  • http://zonersports.com Zoner

    A certain Cardinal pitcher once flicked my section off.

    Yes the Wrigley phone situation is out of hand. In my opinion, the worst are the people on the phone with someone else in the ballpark and they are waving there arms asking, “Can you see me?”.

    At that point very loudly I say “Wow! That person right there has a cellphone! That is so awesome!! Hey everyone look! This person has a cellphone and knows someone here at the park!!!”

  • PB

    Cellphone jammers might work well at Wrigley, or any other ballpark for that matter. I’ve seriously considered an investment in one for use in restaurants, movie theaters, etc… So far as booing, I have a few players that I will always boo. A.J. Purzinskee is on that list. Also, the aforementioned Sheffield. And don’t even get me started on the Lions. They deserve it for the entire game. FIRE FORD MANG!!!!!!!!11

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