Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Bloggination Domination


  • Kevin Payne details how his trade to the Rams went down [Kevin Payne's Blog]
  • Sure ya still want Joe Johnson, Bulls fans? [Pippen Ain't Easy]
  • Former Red Wings Exec Faces Child Porn Charge. You wouldn’t see that happen with the soon to be Western Conference champion Blackhawks! [Detroit4Lyfe]
  • Kenny’s going through some personal issues. Also, he’s a fake Yo-yo master. Hoax of the year, comedy gold! [NESW Sports]
  • The Dusty Baker Arm Mutilizer. We got rid of ours here in Chicago. [Rum Bunter]
  • CBS Sportsline already has NFL power rankings up. Apparently they don’t think the Bears have much power. [Bear Goggles On]
  • Cubs pitchers with 15+ wins since 1980. Quit looking for Kerry Wood. Not on the list. [Chicago Sports Mob]
  • Jerome Bettis has gone all Charles Barkley: ex-pro athlete turned really fat golfer [PSaMP]
  • 13 Goalie masks in pop culture. A couple of them made me poop myself. TMI? [Gunaxin]
  • Evan Turnover? Looking at the flaws in Evan Turner’s game. [The Sports Bank]
  • A football game at Wrigley? Here’s how it would look. [NQTC]
  • MMA has to be real because now there are MMA streakers. [The Cage Doctors]
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