Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Bloggination Domination



Some reading/listening/viewing for now, for the weekend, for the bathroom.

  • Dan Levy talks With Ernie Johnson Blogs With Balls
  • Jayson Stark Gives Props To Bobby Scales ESPN
  • Curtis Granderson Loves Chicago and We Love Him Right Back NQTC
  • Chuck Liddell & Chris Cooley “Sing” Journey (Video) Total Pro Sports
  • Hilarious Last Names On Pro Jerseys FanIQ
  • Michael Phelps Is Back In the Pool InGameNow
  • China Jack Toasts the Penguins (Video) PSaMP
  • Comedian Frank Mirahmadi Calls Entire Horse Race Using Impressions (Video) Sports Rubbish
  • Koji Uehara: The Best Free Agent Signing? Jorge Says No!
  • Smashing Siblings More Hardball
  • Why Baseball Players Chew Tobacco and Other Athletes Don’t Paneech
  • Batting Stance Guy Does Manny For Manny (Video) NESW Sports
  • Old School: Orlando Woolridge PSA (Video) Pippen Ain’t Easy
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