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Blogs with Balls 3 Coming to Chicago
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Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Blogs with Balls 3 Coming to Chicago


Our long time blog friends — yay, blog friends! — from HHR Media and Hugging Harold Reynolds are bringing “Blogs with Balls 3” here to Chicago.

What is Blogs with Balls? It’s a big party that discusses the future of sports media.

“We are proud that over the course of the year, BwB has evolved into an industry leader in bringing together all facets of the online sports media community,” said event co-founder Don Povia.

“The continued involvement of not only independent bloggers, but also representatives from companies like ESPN, Bleacher Report, SB Nation, Yahoo! Sports and Yardbarker, shows that collectively online sports media is working and growing together,” Povia added.  “But it’s the fact that more and more members of the newspaper, academic and marketing fields; and tech leaders like Gowalla are participating, that evidences BwB’s growth in size, scope and voice.”

Co-founder Kyle Bunch points out, “We received over a hundred speaker applications for roughly 30 spots, so this process hasn’t been easy, but it reflects the enthusiasm and importance that this event brings to our community. Being recognized as a “blogger” is becoming less and less a stigma and more of an asset.”

So if you buy a ticket what do you get?

Your ticket to Blogs with Balls 3 includes admission to the following invitation-only events:


  • The Blogs with Balls 3 Pregame Party


  • BLOGS WITH BALLS 3: The Main Event
    • Where: Captain Morgan Club at Wrigley Field
    • When: 10AM-6PM

    Going Local: Evolution of the Local Sports Media Market in the Digital Age

    • Jim Bankoff (SBN)
    • Enrico Campitelli (The 700 Level)
    • TK Gore (Comcast SportsNet Chicago)
    • Jon Greenberg (ESPN Chicago)
    • Dave Nemetz (Bleacher Report)
    • Moderator: Amy K. Nelson (ESPN)

    Today’s Sports Media Landscape: Blogs and Beyond, Where Are Ad Dollars Going?

    • Rich Gallagher (Taylor)
    • Ian Sohn (Ogilvy)
    • Michele Steele (Bloomberg)
    • Pete Vlastelica (Yardbarker)
    • Mod: Amanda Rykoff (ocdchick.com)

    You’ve Gotta Fight For Your Right…to Blog?: A Legal and Ethical Primer to Sports Media in 2010

    • Jonah Keri (Bloomberg Sports)
    • Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi (U. of Minnesota)
    • Alana Nguyen (Yardbarker)
    • Josh Zerkle (With Leather, KSK)
    • Mod: Jason McIntyre (The Big Lead)

    Democratizing Sports Media: How Blogging Players, Fans & Leagues Are Changing the Game

    • Brian Cook (mgoblog)
    • Valli Hilaire (Fast & Fabulous)
    • Kevin Kaduk (Big League Stew)
    • Robert Littal (Black Sports Online)
    • Scott Reifert (Chicago White Sox)
    • MOD: Henry Abbott (TrueHoop)

    The Kings of All Media: Leveraging Podcasting and Video to Build a Media Megabrand

    • The Basketball Jones (The Score)
    • Jay Busbee (Yahoo! Sports)
    • David Jacoby (ESPN, Sports Guy Podcast)
    • Ian Orefice (SI.com)
    • Michael Rand (Star Tribune)
    • Mod: Matt Sebek (Joe Sports Fan)

    The Future of Sports Media (Circa 2010): What Today’s Technology & Innovations Mean for Tomorrow’s Fan

    • Ty Ahmad-Taylor (FanFeedr)
    • Michael Calderon (Big Ten Network)
    • Andy Ellwood (Gowalla)
    • Mike Germano (Carrot Creative)
    • Mod: Kyle Bunch (The Daily Bunch)
  • The Blogs with Balls 3 After-Party

So get your ticket today as they are limited. Buy them and find out more info here: Blogs with Balls

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