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Sunday, July 22nd, 2018



Albert Pujols is whining again. This time he is upset that Ryan Howard won the MVP award and he did not.

“I see it this way: Someone who doesn’t take his team to the playoffs doesn’t deserve to win the MVP,” Pujols said in Spanish at a news conference organized by the Dominican Republic’s sports ministry.

Newsflash for Pujols: your team was lucky to even sniff the postseason with 83 wins, and then the Tigers basically handed you the World Series with their error-filled play. If there was a title for weakest World Series team ever, the 2006 Cards would certainly own it.

Next year when the Cardinals do not make the playoffs I hope you will remove your name from the list of candidates for MVP. And how about a rule that says a team has to have at least 88 wins to make it to the Series?

The more this guy talks the less I like him.

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  • http://www.sempereformanda.blogspot.com Brett

    As a lifelong Cardinals fan, I too am disappointed in this quote. He should take it like a man and focus on the ring on his finger.

    Now, that being said, you totally missed it in your assessment of the ’06 Cards. Rather than being the weakest World Series team ever, in reality they were the best 83 win team ever. Remember that this was basically the same team that won 205 regular season games in ’04 and ’05. It’s true they limped into the playoffs, but they had an injury-plagued season.

    What will really be fun is to watch your even more expensive Cubs team be behind us again in the NL Central standings next season! :-)

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Brett please–that was some heinous, unenjoyable baseball. That world series did nothing to make new fans of the game.

    And gimme a break. Over at Tim’s blog most of you cards fan were ripping them, calling for LaRussa’s firing and more. None of you believed in them. The only injury you should be citing is Pedro Martinez. Cuz that’s the only way the Mets didn’t go to the Series.

  • http://completesports.blogspot.com twins15

    Well he did deserve the MVP, IMO. Though it had nothing to do with the Cards making the playoffs and Phils not.

  • dhaab

    Sure wish I was reading this blog back when the 2006 W.S. was going on. Talk about sour grapes from a pathetic Cardinals hater. SHEESH!!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Yes I agree–that was toally sour grapes on Albert’s part.

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