Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Boy’s death at Lakers game ruled accidental


An autopsy on Nov 23rd has revealed that the death of a two-year-old boy at a Los Angeles Lakers game on Nov. 21st was due to head trauma. The youngster, Lucas Anthony Tang, fell out of a Staples Center luxury suite after the Lakers win over the Golden State Warriors and his death has been ruled an accident by officials.

The boy fell out of a third-tier luxury suite and plunged about 40 feet to the seating section below. Paramedics reached him and he was taken immediately to hospital where he later died. The Lakers played a home game against the Chicago Bulls on Nov 23rd and staged a moment of silence in honor of the toddler before the game. The suite where the accident took place was filled with spectators as usual for the game.

After the death, the Los Angeles Police Department’s juvenile division was called in to investigate and the Staples Center also launched an investigation into the tragic event. The juvenile division investigates all sudden deaths of youngsters who are under the age of 11. The LAPD revealed that Tang was at the game with his parents and 11-year-old sister. They added his family was busy taking photos from the suite and the toddler somehow fell over the guardrail of the luxury box.

A spokesman for the arena and AEG, its owner, said it’s the first time an incident like that has happened in the downtown arena’s 11-year history. He added that Tang fell into a seating section in the arena’s lower bowl, which was approximately 30 rows up from the basketball court. He said that each luxury suite as levels of seats as well as safety glass which is embedded into concrete walls.

Department of Building and Safety officials said the arena has complied with all city building codes, which state that guardrails that are at the minimum of 26 inches high are installed in front of the suite’s seating area. The suite’s safety barrier has a 16-inch-high section made of concrete which has safety glass on top of it and the barrier’s height ranges between a total of 26 and 42 inches. There’s also a ledge in the concrete where fans can put their drinks on.

The Staples Center is also the home arena to the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA, the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA and the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL.

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