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Thursday, July 19th, 2018



In an interview with Star-Telegram, Milton Bradley says he would have liked to remain a Ranger, calls out Jon Daniels and spills the beans about “taking days off”. Still sounds a bit off to me. Quotes from the story:

“My agent was saying that Jon Daniels was telling him, ‘There are days when he doesn’t want to play because of his health,’?” Bradley said.

“Well, you can get a healthy guy to go out there and play 162 games, but he won’t do what I did in 120.”

Plus, at the same time when Bradley was randomly removing himself from lineups, Michael Young was playing nearly every day despite having broken fingers on both hands.

Young never complained about Milton. That’s not Michael’s style. But his teammates certainly noticed.

When asked about that Sunday, Bradley gave an unsettling answer.

“If I’m being paid, and I’ve got the commitment to me that I give to them, you make more of an effort to be out there every day,” he said.

“When you’re on one-year deals constantly, you’ve got to put up as good numbers as you can. When you have days where you’re not feeling like you can contribute, you’re not going to go out there, because you’re not going to want your numbers to suck.

“So, if you’re in a situation like I am now, if they want me to go out there when I’m feeling a little banged up, I’ve got no problem doing that because they’ve made the commitment to me.”

He also mentions how playing 150 games will be no problem.

“The whole thing with me is I play so hard until I hurt myself. In the past, I’ve been accused of not hustling on more than one occasion, and that’s the thing that hacks me off to no end, that somebody would accuse me of that as bad as I care and as badly as I want to win.

“I’m coming into a situation now where, if I have to tone it down in order to stay on the field, I need to tone it down. It hurts to have to do that, but it’s what I may have to do.”

Who knows what these 3 years–if it goes the distance–of Milton Bradley will produce. We all know it will never lack interest, that’s for sure. Those quotes sure make me nervous, though.

  • http://www.sharapovasthigh.com Matt

    Haha. I just want him healthy for October. If he is, I think he’ll show why we got him. I don’t want him playing more than 120 games, and I don’t want Harden making more than 20 starts. The division is so incredibly bad this year that the Cubs can afford to do that.

  • dhaab

    HA! I find it amusing when Cubs fans talk trash.

    Matt, I can’t wait to see you what you think in September. I agree the division is weaker this year, but if you think the Cubs are simply going to stroll through the Central like they did the majority of last season, you may be disappointed.

  • dhaab

    Does the term bipolar mean anything to you, Milton?

  • http://www.mopupduty.com matthias @ mopupduty.com

    I haven’t seen an MLB player this full of himself since Kenny Powers!

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