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Brett Favre: Come to Chicago
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Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Brett Favre: Come to Chicago


This is likely the most insane thing you will ever read on this site. Brett Favre should come to Chicago and backup Jay Cutler.

The Star-Tribune writes that when Trent Dilfer sent a text to Brett Favre asking if he would be joining the Vikings, Favre sent a return message that said ‘NO’ in caps.

I know this will never happen, but Favre probably doesn’t want to go just yet. He can come to the Bears as a backup and he won’t have to prepare week to week like he would as a starter. If he goes to a new team he will again have to learn all the terminology. As a backup here he could take his time in doing that.

He can get back at the Packers and not even have to do all that much. And if Cutler happens to get injured, Favre can step in and get it done. He certainly knows how to play in Chicago weather. And the Bears need an experienced backup QB.

He’d make insane money doing talk radio shows and even more with endorsements.

So why not? Imagine Favre hoisting the Lombardi Trophy with a Bears jersey on!

  • PB

    He’d still start on a whole lotta NFL teams. And those teams would pay him a helluva lot more than Chicago would to hold a clipboard. Besides, would Bears fans tolerate it? Then again, Jim Edmonds became a Cub an all of Wrigleyville got a woody. So anything is possible I suppose. FIRE FORD MANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


    I swear the bears fans are the stupidest fans alive, a few weeks ago i was reading an article posted that said when the Chiefs release Brian Waters the Bears should pick him up. FYI again, Brian Waters isn’t being released, if he moves at all he will be traded, other wise he will stay a Chief. Brett Favre won’t be a backup, didn’t you learn anything from the Packers drama a year ago, Favre won’t sign on to holding a clipboard. C’Mon guys, think about these things before you write them, its not that hard, just use your head.

  • http://zonersports.com/ Zoner

    We’re stupid but you are talking about Brian Waters on a post about Brett Favre?

    You like the Chiefs.

  • dhaab

    Hmmm…looks like my favorite Chicago sports blogger is trying to drum up more traffic to his site. :)

  • pacfan63

    Brett Favre in a Bears uniform? When HELL freezes over!


    HA you obviously didn’t read my post, I referanced a differant article I read about the Bears wanting the Chiefs to release Waters, How stupid was that comment, just about as stupid as thinking Favre would sign a contract to be a back-up. But then again, you are a bears fan, you probably couldn’t make that connection!

  • http://zonersports.com Zoner

    No I read it. But coming here and talking about Brian Waters and saying “FYI again” means you are indeed talking to me.

    The article is also obviously tongue in cheek. So give it a break dude.

    Enjoy Matt Cassel. That is going to be the ultimate fail!


    What hasn’t been a failing experience here since Herm wrecked it, all we are doing here is holding on to hope that we see a glimps of something, anything to insure us that after 3 years of this we are heading in the right direction. That remains to be seen with the current changes, I have hope, but im not going to hold my breath.

  • rubenj


    you guys just need to sit back and watch this team this year that is all that is need to be said and you bears fans just look up this season the pack may even make you guys look bad this year

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