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Saturday, May 26th, 2018



Forget K.G. I’ve got my sights set on someone else. Bulls fans know him well. Elton Brand. Brand currently leads the Clippers in points, rebounds, steals and blocks. The Clippers are last in the Pacific and only better than Seattle and Memphis in the Western Conference.

Word is Mr. Donald Sterling does not like to spend money. He must especially disdain spending it on a team as woeful as the Clippers, who after a few seasons of hope have reintroduced themselves to the gutter.

So perhaps Mr. Sterling would like to get out from under his biggest contract, that belonging to Brand. The Bulls could send them P.J. Brown, attractive to Sterling because his contract expires at season’s end, along with Tyrus Thomas or Luol Deng and one of their¬†two 2007¬†1st round picks for Brand.

You might have cringed when I mentioned Thomas or Deng, but there simply isn’t enough room for both of them plus Nocioni. I think that John Paxson would rather trade his family away than deal Nocioni. With the draft pick and a young player, Sterling can sell it to the fans, if they have any.

It’s apparent that the Bulls still lack a true low post option. Any team with aspirations of winning the championship needs a guy they can count on for points in a half-court set. Brand would complete the Bulls.

Imagine a lineup of Brand, Wallace, Nocioni, Gordon and Hinrich. Who’d want to play that team?

Perhaps it’s a pipe dream but it is actually feasible in regard to the cap. Can’t hurt a guy to dream. Can’t hurt Pax to ask either.

  • Big D

    I like it! I like it! I like it!

  • Loke

    I like the thought but I would not give up Deng if they will take Thomas make the deal today. KG is older and has not proven he is a winner. Brand comes from a winning program in college and still has some years left. Good thought now how does Pax’s get this information??

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Loke–you don’t have Pax on speed dial?

    I’ll get it to him…maybe he’ll give me a job.

    See you at ball next week for sure!

  • PV

    Leave it to me to disagree…but I would not make that trade. I don’t think it’s as easy insert post player, complete team.
    When the Bull are at their best, the ball is moving and players are driving and kicking etc. Having a guy to dump it down to might help in some game situations, but I can see where it would take away from the collective whole. What Deng and Thomas currently lack in conventional back-to-the-basket moves, they make up for with versatility and how they intregrate into what the Bulls are trying to do. And the way Deng has increased his strength, I can see post-up moves as the next thing he adds to his game, anyway.

    What the Bulls need to do is keep their man in front of them on a more consistent basis. They’re getting beat off the dribble way too much for even their generally excellent help defense to bail them out.

    That, and don’t play the West.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    “And the way Deng has increased his strength, I can see post-up moves as the next thing he adds to his game, anyway.”

    I totally agree there; if Deng can stay on the court.

    But with Brown being a bust, the Bulls are not as good defensively as I’d hoped and I’ve seen some teams pound them on the boards–even with the improved play of Big Ben. That concerns me as well as having to rely on 3′s and transition in the postseason.

    But excellent points. I see it as more likely the Bulls will not win a championship as currently constructed. Remember that Brand blocks shots, rebounds and can also run the floor. He wouldn’t care about # of shots. I think he’s the perfect fit–he’d be Brown x 10.

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