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Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Bring Back the PEDs


fielder-hrdHome Run Derby? For me it was more like Home Run Snoozy.

Inge hits zero. Gonzalez hits 2. A handful with 5 and a high of 11. Yawn. No theatrics. A couple of Fielder bombs. No electricity.

Quit screwing around trying to market the game. Bring me the real bombers. Mauer? Inge? Please. Half a season of power shouldn’t get you into the derby. I bet they will take note of that for next year. I would have rather seen Thome and Griffey Jr.

You shouldn’t have to be in the All-Star Game to compete in it either. MLB needs to become like the NBA for its dunk and 3-point contests.

I’d also like to see a Home Run Derby of retired players. Hey, wouldn’t it have been great to see Sosa, McGwire, Raffy and…oh…never mind.

  • dhaab

    So, let me get this straight. You’re perfectly fine if a player has one good half season with no prior track record and is elected to start the All-Star game, but in the silly home run derby, you have a problem with it?
    In the words of Amy Poehler, really?

    Just to be clear, I think all of the pre-game festivities to All-Star games like the HR derby, the dunk contest and 3 point contest are trivial. Couldn’t care less about any of them.

  • Schmidty

    Did Pena literally get added last-minute then after he got put on the AS team? Did they bump somebody? I know you’re right about being in the game to participate, but I can’t believe they moved so quickly.
    BTW, here was the best non performance enhancing drug derby…I think I coulda gotten on the board with at least one, LOL!

    1990– Wrigley Field, Chicago — N.L. 4, A.L. 1

    National League
    Player Team Total HRs
    Ryne Sandberg Chicago 3
    Matt Williams San Francisco 1
    Bobby Bonilla Pittsburgh 0
    Darryl Strawberry New York 0

    American League
    Player Team Total HRs
    Mark McGwire Oakland 1
    Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle 0
    Jose Canseco Oakland 0
    Cecil Fielder Detroit 0

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