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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Can Randy Wells Get Some Runs Please?


Randy Wells CubsAt this point Randy Wells might want to go back to Iowa. He won 3 games there earlier this year and 10 more in 2008. Since coming up to the Cubs he’s given up just 5 runs in 4 starts and hasn’t allowed a long ball. He’s averaging almost a K an inning and has an ERA of 1.80. Yet his record sits at 0-2 after last night’s pathetic 2-1 loss to L.A.

The Cubs managed just one run and that didn’t come until the 8th inning. It came from the bat of Bobby Scales — the guy they sent down the other day — who homered off Randy Wolf. While the bats showed a bit of life in recent games, the Cubs have scored just 25 runs over their last 10.

When one of your big bats go down, you expect the best players on the team –  Soriano and Bradley — to step up and get it done. In May Soriano is hitting just .224/.267/.418. Bradley has been better in May, but it was impossible for him not to be. Still, .243/.333/.432 doesn’t cut it. And it’s sad that I think most Cubs fans hope to see Koyie Hill in the lineup as opposed to Geo Soto these days.

All of Jim Hendry’s pickups have been brutal: Bradley, Miles, Freel and Heilman. That’s not on Hendry, I’m just stating the facts.

You’d think at some point the Cubs have to start hitting more. Or maybe it’s just going to be a very long year for Cubs fans.

  • dhaab

    I’ve been impressed by Wells so far. Still, it is his first time through the league, so I think he’ll drop off soon. But he’s definitely a smart pitcher with decent stuff.

    Geovany Soto has come crashing back to earth this season. He looks a little out of shape to me now and his bat speed isn’t the same. I’ll say it again…steroids? His career minor league power numbers were always very weak and then he suddenly went on a power surge in ’07 and ’08. Now, he’s hit one homer in 120 AB’s. Hmmm….

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Hmmmms all around surrounding him, as well as anyone with a steep decline. Whatever it is it sucks.

  • dhaab

    Oh, I have no doubt that numerous players in MLB are former roid users now. Look at the lack of runs being scored across the league.

  • Big D

    Soto was “pudgy” until a couple of years ago, then started to hit. Could he be resting on his rookie year and not taking care of himself like he did? Could be steroids, I guess. But couldn’t it be that taste of the big leagues and getting a little fat and complacent?

  • http://zonersports.com/ Zoner

    Could be. But I don’t think that would be it because he hasn’t yet scored a big payday.

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