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Saturday, August 18th, 2018

Can You Find 10 Bears You Really Want to Keep?



Your task: take the Bears roster and find 10 players you really want to keep. Can it be done? Here’s my try…

Zack Bowman- I got down to “B” before I could find one, but I like Bowman. He’s a decent-sized corner that has a knack for making plays. He also might benefit from a new system and/or coach. Just 25 years old, first full season in the league.

Lance Briggs- No brainer for the best player on the Bears defense.

Alex Brown- A true pro and solid player. Definitely an asset.

Jay Cutler- Still a franchise QB, albeit one with some issues.

Robbie Gould- Perhaps the most consistent player on the Bears.

Devin Hester- An asset. But I’d trade him if the price was right because we now have…

Johnny Knox- Playmaker as a receiver and returner. Great rookie season.

Greg Olsen- He’s definitely not Jeremy Shockey, but he is still a good receiver.

Charles Tillman- Best corner on team, turnover machine.

Brian Urlacher- Another player I would trade if the price was right. But for now we need him in the middle.

So there you go. I found 10 Bears. I didn’t include Matt Forte because while he is probably better than his 2009 season, he looks soft. I was tempted to add Israel Idonije and Brad Maynard, but felt I could live without them.

Please add any additions/omissions and comments. I’m interested to see what you think about this.

  • http://www.docksquadsports.com docksquad

    haha sweet list. it’s sad when it takes us a while to find 10 players we like on this squad. angelo has lhm

  • http://www.blogdownchicagobears.com Shea

    Devin Aromashodu
    Earl Bennett
    Zack Bowman
    Lance Briggs
    Alex Brown
    Jay Cutler
    Kellen Davis
    Matt Forte
    Robbie Gould
    Corey Graham

    So, I got to “G” before I found 10, but maybe that’s because I’m such a helpless homer.

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  • http://zonersports.com Zoner

    good stuff Shea. I think some of the guys you mentioned mostly have youth on their side: Bennett, Aromashodu, Graham and Davis. They have potential to go higher, but they are not that good. As for Forte, after this year I’m convinced that anyone could do the things he does.

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