Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Cop Ran Over at Blackhawks Stanley Cup Celebration


This is a downright shame. Chicago celebrated the Blackhawks win of the Stanley Cup with class and order. But sometimes it’s all about numbers. There were just too many people on hand for the big rally and when police tried to clear the streets, one Chicago officer on an ATV accidentally ran over one of his colleagues.

  • DeNop

    To be completely accurate about what happened here, and somethig beig missed is that there were two-three Blackhawk fans that were run over FIRST! The officer on the ATV was moving very slowly or was stopped. All of a sudden he guns the accelarator and takes off. He saw the two people about 5-6 feet in frot of him, and did not make any attempt to stop or move out of the way….he just ran them over, knocking them to the ground.

    It was only after he ran over the two innesent fans, that he hit the other officer! I wonder why no media is making a bigger deal about a cop running someone over without cause!

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  • docksquad

    haha that’s wild man. glad the cop is ok

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