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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018



I’m pretty sure he was just being polite, straining to stifle the laughter bubbling from within. But Dave Dombrowski said that a quick turnaround is possible for the Cubs.

“It’s apparent it can be done, or we wouldn’t be here,” Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski said Thursday. “I don’t think it’s an easy process, but it depends on your organization. You have to have some things happen for you. The Cubs have a lot of good people, a lot of good players. You have to have a lot of things break well for you.

“By no means do I want to say it’s easy, and the Cubs are a little bit different than us. We’d been losing for 12 years–12 straight losing seasons.

“The Cubs were almost in the World Series a few years ago. You’d think they have more of a foundation than what we had five years ago.”
And it’s that last line that tells it all. Because the Cubs do not have a great foundation. The farm system is seemingly bereft of more than a handful of decent prospects.

Get ready for the Cubs to be saddled with big, long-term contracts with free agents who likely won’t be worth the dollars committed. But if you want to compete you have to find good players somewhere. Dombrowski mentions Mags, Todd Jones, Rogers as examples of free agents who helped them turn it around. Certainly. But Bonderman, Verlander, Zumaya, Rodney, Inge, Granderson, Monroe are the core. And they all came from within.

The Cubs could compete next year. They will have Derrek Lee, Mike Barrett and Zambrano. Rich Hill could be a stud. Even Prior could come back strong. And they will add some big names. But Detroit indeed has that foundation while the Cubs do not.

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