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Tuesday, October 17th, 2017



Before the week started, if you would have told me the Cubs would muster only 7 runs in 3 games against the Reds I would have offered you a wager. But that’s what happened.

Our new gazillion dollar leadoff man did not score in the series and today was picked off first base. He was 3-13 in the series with one walk. It’s odd they scored only 7 runs because it seems like there is a lot of hitting going on. DeRosa, Lee, Ramirez–even Izturis raked in the series. But the Cubbies didn’t score much.

It’s on to Miller Park and the Brewers. Tomorrow night it’s the very underrated Dave Bush against Rich Hill and then a doozy on Saturday as Zambrano faces Sheets. On Sunday it’s Chris Capuano vs. Wade Miller. The Cubs will play division foes in 22 of their 26 April games.

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  • http://www.brssports.blogspot.com WBRS Sports Blog

    Once Soriano gets going everything will be okay.

  • Mike O’Donnell

    Cub 6, Brewers 3
    Four consecutive quality starts by the staff, great D, and 25 hits the first two games. The Cubby swagger looks great.

    Yeah, I like Lou Pinella.

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