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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



Interesting column over at CBS Sportsline by Ray Ratto titled “Can’t You Hear the Cubs Fans? No? Neither Can We.” Ratto writes:

“We fully intended this day to put the boot into Cubs fans for their incessant whingeing about curses and chokes and 100-year waits and how the team doesn’t deserve its fan base and all the other post-NLDS topics.

But an odd thing happened between Saturday night and Monday morning. Cubs fans went silent. They chose to drink in private, and grouse to each other rather than making us feel their pain. They behaved the way fans should behave at times like this — like sullen, embittered grumblers who just want to be left alone.

And so, on behalf of the rest of America, let us just say, “Thank you for your dignity at what must be for you a particularly familiar time. We will happily bug off, and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.”

It’s good stuff. I also liked the first comment at the bottom of the page.

Yankees fan here…  Watching Soriano in the playoffs this year was absolutely hilarious.  I mean honestly, did the guy take one pitch the whole series??  Is he really a lead off man???  What was even more funny is that he wasn’t even close on most of the pitches.  It was really fitting to watch Broxton completely overmatch Soriano on the last at bat of the series.”


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