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Sunday, July 22nd, 2018



Rich Harden continued his dominance as a Cub. Mark DeRosa homered for the 4th straight game. Fukudome shows up with a pinch-hit bomb. Jeff Samardzija continues to mow down batters. And the Cubs have the best record in baseball. They moved to 80-50 with Sunday’s win and are 49-19 at Wrigley.

Where are the holes? I suppose you could say Jason Marquis. But for a fifth starter, his numbers aren’t all that bad. But if we are talking playoff roster, Marquis isn’t a concern at all. The Cubs would be set with Harden, Zambrano, Dempster and Lilly.

Phil Rogers says: “With five weeks left in the season, it’s unclear what role Jason Marquis, the Cubs’ Fifth Beatle, could have on a playoff roster. But it would be cruel for him to be cast aside in October for the third year in a row.”

If Marquis ends up with hard feelings, Jim Hendry and Lou Piniella will have done their jobs. Marshall and Gaudin could handle long relief if a Cubs starter gets shelled and heads for an early exit. They are much better suited to that role than is Marquis.

I say that is a nice problem to have. Meanwhile, a playoff berth is not fait accompli. These are the Cubs, after all. And the Brewers refuse to go away. They won their 4th straight on Sunday on a J.J. Hardy 12th inning hit. It their 23rd win in their last at-bat and ninth series sweep this season. Yes, the wildcard seems a certainty at this point. But that would be tremendously depressing after this wonderful season.

  • http://puppetgov.com dhaab

    I’d say the Cubs only weaknesses are a badly slumping Fukudome (Zoner said he may be the best Cubs hitter in March-whoops) who is getting less playing time by the day and also the good, but not great defense up the middle.

    It’s obvious the starting pitching is hitting on all cylinders now, but that might make me a bit nervous if I were a Cubs fan. Dempster is having a career year and he may hit a wall at some point and we all know about the long injury history of Harden.

    Bottom line, the Cubs are the obvious NL team to beat in the playoffs.

  • http://www.worthpoint.com antiques

    ah, and it appears that for the first time in a long time my yankees will not be in the playoffs. how ironic would it be if the dodgers, with manny ramirez, make the playoffs?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I still think the DBacks take the west.

    As for Fukudome, if we have to go with Fontenot and DeRosa insteadof him, no problem.

  • http://www.brianlis.com Lis

    Don’t matter man… Pale Hose gonna rip the Cubbies a new one in the series!

  • http://www.sportsloungeblog.com da hustla

    The division will be won in September when Chicago and MIlwaukee play six games in the last two weeks of the season. Both are playing at a high level right now, and are the two best teams in the league record wise. I think an NLCS matchup between these two is in our future.

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