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Monday, July 16th, 2018



Thanks to everyone for responding to my e-mail. I received a lot of good stuff, even some individual projections. Let’s get into it. Feel free to comment on any predictions or make your own.

88 wins, just miss playoffs but win World Series in 2008.- Jon Cohn, “The Morning Break”, weekdays 10am-12pm, 1240 AM in Chicago.

92 wins, win the division, loss in first round of the playoffs.- Eric Schmidt, Sideline Reporter, Comcast.

88-74, lose in Divisional playoffs.- Andy Garcia, Sports Director, WSCR-AM 670 “The Score”.

Cubs win division with 87 wins. Lose first round. Zambrano Cy young. Cubs score 1000 runs. Make playoff with highest era for a playoff team.- The Pizza King, Giordano’s.

100 wins, first place, world series win. mostly because i think Kerry Wood will turn into a great closer.- Tony Pierce, Chicagoan, editor of LAist and writer of the world famous Busblog.

79 wins, No playoffs. They’ll start off strong and lead the division for much of the season, before falling apart in late August and September.- Tim Ellsworth, writer, BP Sports and Timellsworth.com.

They will win 96 games, and it will be all over the place that they won exactly the same number of games they lost the year before.- Mike O’ Donnell, valued Zoner Sports reader, aspiring author and writer of “The Wayward Bus“.

94 wins. They will go to the World Series only to fall to the Red Sox in 7 games.- Mini Me, WBRS Sports.

They’ll be in the hunt thru September. But they’ll finish 80 – 82, missing the playoffs.- Big Al from “The Wayne Fontes Experience“.

74-88. They shouldn’t expect to do much better than that, nor should their fan base.- Tony Foeller, Pastor Tony’s Place

I really think Pinella will be the biggest difference maker of all this year and he’ll guide the team to about 90 wins. If the pitching holds up for the entire year (highly doubtful) I think they could hit 100 in that horribly weak NL Central. They’ll make the playoffs easily but will be upset in the first round by the LA Dodgers.-Lits, Lit’s Controversial Sports Chanting

93-69. Make the playoffs, win the first round and lose in NL Championship.- Big D, valued Zoner Sports reader, lifetime Cubs fan.

Is there a better team on paper in the NL? 91 wins, Central Division Champs, lose in the NLCS.- PV, valued Zoner Sports reader, lifetime Cubs fan.

I’ll say 88 victories IF pitching holds up or even holds up most of thetime. Otherwise cellar.- Earl Finkler, KBRW Morning Host and Cubs fan.

92 wins. Miss the playoffs.- Gritty Squirrels, The Sports Flow.

88-74…win division and lose NLDS .- Windy City Sports Blog.

As for me? My biggest concerns are with the bullpen. I’m going to go with 89-73 with the Cubs winning the division. Then they beat the Cards in the NLCS and the White Sox in the World Series. Just kidding. We all know the Cardinals and White Sox aren’t going to be in the playoffs this year…

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  • PV

    Even though I made a high prediction, the thing in the back of my head was, “Do teams typically improve by 20+ wins?” Just wonder whether it’s statistically likely to go from so bad to very good. You’d think with free agency etc., but something tells me history is against the Cubs here, too.

    But, then, isn’t it always?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Didn’t Detroit just do it, or something like that?

  • PV

    Yeah, I think so, but that could have been when I heard how rare it is…or I’m just wrong. Detroit could be the exception that proves the rule. And stuff.

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  • Noah

    87 wins, central division champs….and when they win the world series, the world will explode!!!!!!

    …..at least in my dreams anyways

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