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Saturday, July 21st, 2018



Start it out with good ‘ol Ron Santo. Sunday night Ronnie said, “Pujols is definitely a five-tool player…except for the speed.”

Ryan Dempster got himself into a jam during last night’s game. He had 2 on and one out with Pujols and Ludwick coming up. He got Pujols to pop up and then Ludwick hit a grounder back at him. Inning over. The Cubs came up to the plate and broke the game open.

I am not a fan of players that stand at home plate to admire their homers. But I am also not a fan of the Cardinals. And given the animosity between the Cubs and Cards and La Russa and Edmonds, I think Edmonds’ first homer on Friday was the greatest thing ever.

He hit it, he knew it and he watched it for a bit before heading to first for his trot. After he began to trot he then did a bat flip toward the Cards’ dugout and took a measured stare at the bench and TLR. I replayed it about 50 times.

Edmonds has been criticized in the past for admiring some of his homers. But he also hurries up around the bases so as not to show anyone up. But that homer Friday…just incredible.

You have to wonder if that’s it for the Cardinals. They are now 7 back with 2 teams in front of them, and their ace pitcher just got hurt again. I don’t put anything past them and they will likely fight to stay around. But that will be tough to overcome.

If you are a Redbirds fan, you have to wonder why this club did not make any moves to improve itself before the deadline. Based on injuries alone you’d think they would try to bring in some help. Mulder, Carp, Pujols, Duncan, Wainwright… And they stand pat when they are so close?

The Cubs and Cards play six more times this year. Each team with 3 at home.

  • dhaab

    Yeah, and if Edmonds did that while on the Cards versus your beloved team, you’d be bitching and moaning about it. Funny how that works.

    And the only reason the Cubs “blew the game open” was because Adam Kennedy (a guy who has no business starting for a major league team) let an easy double play ball go right through his legs. Fact is, Matt, the Cards weaker pitching staff held their own versus the mighty Cubs lineup all weekend long…and in Wrigley Field, no less.

    I wasn’t surprised the Cards didn’t make any moves at the deadline. Their ownership has stated publicly for a while now that they are in a rebuilding mode and they weren’t going to trade away young talent for quick fixes. Did you hear how much Colorado wanted in return for Fuentes? No thanks! Plus, anyone can see the Cards are a team with numerous holes and one or two moves at the deadline wouldn’t have fixed that.

    At this point, the Cardinals are in a completely different mode than Cubs ownership, who are throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into the team so they can garner more money in selling the team and so they can possibly win before they hit 100 years without a championship. DAMN, 100 years! :)

    BTW, Matt, did you see the Gammons piece on the state of the Cubs franchise during the middle of the game? It was almost as if they had already won the World Series. Pretty amazing how the media in this country wants the Cubs to win it all SO badly. IT’S 2003 ALL OVER AGAIN!

  • PB


  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    “Plus, anyone can see the Cards are a team with numerous holes and one or two moves at the deadline wouldn’t have fixed that.”

    That’s lame. No fan wants to hear that. Why couldn’t they have gone for Sabathia? They have a really good farm system. Even TLR is mad about it. For a team that won the WS with 83 wins, they should know better than anyone that anything can happen–especially when it’s the Cubs that are in 1st place!

  • Mike O

    It’s puzzling why such an accomplished manager like Tony LaRussa still finds time to whine like a baby when a former player of his says that he is happy to be on his current team. Does Edmonds owe Tony anything? Was Edmonds really out of line for saying he’s happy to be a Cub?

    Oh, and I almost forgot. Who won the series, dhaab? And who is 7 back? And if your team can’t put it together after a guy who has no business starting for a major league team commits one little error, then just how good are they?

    I was just wondering.

  • dhaab

    Mike O, I hope you were drunk when you wrote that snappy comment.

    Matt, do you know who Mike O really is? Is he really that immature?
    I mean, really, “I was just wondering”? Seriously??

  • dhaab

    Zoner, I hear you about it being a lame excuse, BUT when your team has made the playoffs 6 out of the past 7 years (and I’m not saying that to brag, but to make a point), management can get away with doing things like that. It also has a lot to do with their ownership not being financially capable of trading away possibly very good young players for essentially a two month rental player. When your franchise hasn’t won anything in nearly 100 years, management pretty much HAS to throw caution to the wind and go for it when they have the chance. Big difference in philosophies there. Just sayin’.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Mike O is good people.

    As for the Redbirds, that whole small market thing is overplayed. They have plenty of money. And with their farm system it didn’t have to be a rental player.

    If you were the GM, wouldn’t you have added at least one pitcher?

  • dhaab

    The small market thing is overplayed??? Easy for you to say. I’m not trying to defend the owners here (you know how I feel about huge corporations) as if they don’t have any money, but St. Louis isn’t like the Chicago market where the Cubs make hundreds of millions of dollars because of WGN sports and their games being aired across the country. That’s a HUGE money stream that the small market teams just don’t have.

    And yeah, I would have loved for them to have added a good lefty reliever, but the asking price for those players at the deadline was obscene.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I was thinking more of a starter. And with that new stadium? They have plenty of revenue.

    Just curious—what were the other Cards fans saying over at the lounge?

  • dhaab

    Some are pissed and think Dewitt is cheap and doesn’t really care about winning. Others are just used to the fact that they haven’t done this sort of thing for the past few years and they’ve gone in a different direction in trying to build from within. I’m more in the middle, but I’m realistic when it comes to this team. The middle infield is weak and the bullpen is weaker. One or two trades wouldn’t have changed that. I just didn’t want them to trade any of their highly rated prospects (Rasmus, Anderson, Perez or Wallace) for a player who probably wouldn’t be on the team next year.

  • Mike O

    Z – you’re the best.

    dhaab – really.

    Just sayin’.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Ok. And not to drag this on, but they could have focused on a guy like Harden that has more than just this year left to his deal. Guys like Harden and Blanton did not cost that much. As a Cubs fan, I’m pleased as punch that they didn’t acquire any help.

  • dhaab

    I know I’ll get shit for this, but if I’m Mozeliak, I wouldn’t have made a deal for Harden. He’s an injury waiting to happen. The Cubs, however, were in a great position to take a chance on someone like him. It was a good move for them.

    IMO, Blanton isn’t all that great of a starter. Besides, the Cards don’t really need a starter, their problems are with the bullpen, not the rotation.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    “I wouldn’t have made a deal for Harden. He’s an injury waiting to happen.” True but the Cubs really didn’t sell the farm to get him. I also remember saying the same thing about Carp!

  • dhaab

    They didn’t and that’s why it was a good trade. But there really isn’t much of a farm to sell these days for the Cubs. They’ve pretty much used most of their chips or they are on the big league club now. If they don’t win this year or next, it could be a while before they have the club to make a run at it again.

  • http://pastortony.wordpress.com Pastor Tony

    Hey Z….long time. How’s things?

    About the Santo quote…..Prince Albert isn’t fast, but he runs “smart”.

    He steals off of pitchers consistently. And he’s always looking to take the extra base.

    Is “speed” considered the tool or is it smart base-running?

  • Z

    Yeah it was just classic Santo though. It was very funny hearing it live.

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