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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



It’s official: Dick Stockton’s fastball is way gone. His first words of the telecast: “To say there is a lot at stake would be an understudy.” Ok then.

Manny Ramirez hits into a double play to end the first. I don’t think I loathe a player more than him, as great as he is. Why? Well, here is a nice summary.

Dick’s at it again: “Mark DeRosa…on a very high-sky pop-up.”

Back to Manny: Dempster throws two somewhat high and inside pitches to start his 2nd at-bat. I wouldn’t call them “buzzing” him, but a bit inside. After the second pitch, Manny takes almost a minute to get back in the box for the next pitch. Complete turd.

I love Frank Caliendo. At least I did. I was not at all impressed with the first season of “Frank TV”. The promos for season 2 are running full steam, and he is still doing George Bush. Dude–give it up! Yay–you do a good impression of him. Move on.

Manny’s up again. Seriously–who wears a mouthpiece in baseball?

Dempster didn’t deserve to get out of that inning. You can’t walk 7 batters and expect to keep them scoreless. Not a good time to revert to the old Dempster.

I know Lowe is tough, but Soriano looked mindless up there tonight.

And to cap off the pain, Greg Maddux comes in for the 9th. And it’s already uh-oh time.

  • http://nogutsglory.blogspot.com swnole

    On cue, the Cubs lay an egg. They looked like a totally different team tonight. Frustrating to say the least.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    They seemed dead, almost a bit timid. And as you say–it was on cue. Ugh.

  • PV

    Stockton starting right off with a malapropism was too perfect. I’m refusing (in denial?) to see more in this game than there was – they were outpitched. And when that happens it’s easy to apply terms like looking dead or timid. But they just simply made more bad pitches than the other side.

    I’m saying it right here, right now – last night is the only game of this series the Cubs are going to lose. Z’s gonna bring it tonight, and I love our matchups in LA.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    that makes me feel better. However, the flip of that is lose tonight and good bye. But I would not be surprised–nor should anyone–if Z goes out and mows them down, especially in this chill. Go Cubs!

  • dhaab

    Z has a dead arm, guys. I’d be surprised if he lasts through 5 innings tonight. I know he came back from 2 weeks off and threw the no hitter a while back, but look at his two starts after that game. And he begged off his last start instead of throwing a few innings just to keep fresh. When’s the last time Z EVER turned down starting a game?

    I think the Dodgers were the absolute worst team the Cubs could have faced in these playoffs. After the Manny trade, they’ve been the best team in the NL. The starting pitching is set up well for the post season and the lineup of younger guys is playing loose now with Manny in the middle.

    Also, why no criticism of Piniella for suddenly batting Fukodome in the 2nd spot? Fukodome hasn’t done squat in the 2nd half and Theriot has been one of the Cubs most consistent players all year long. Not saying it would have made a difference, but it seemed very strange to me that he changed the lineup that way.

  • PB

    Was that Dusty Baker in the dugout last night? Lou just sat there just like ol’ Dusty used to. Also, Wrigley seemed quiet, even when the Cubs were up. Compared to Anaheim and Philly it seemed like a morgue. I guess dropping 7 straight in the playoffs will do that to the fans. HIRE COWHER MANG!

  • Big D

    There scary thing for me is I have no idea which Zambrano will show up tonight. Will it be the Z that can shut down any team in the league, or the guy with the dead arm? Based on the last two outings, I’ll be watching the game from a ledge tonight.

    As for last nights game, Lowe looked great. Don’t forget, this is the guy that won each of the clinching games for Boston when they finally broke through in 2004. He’s been there before and pitched like it. I can’t take much of Ramirez either, but how many guys could have hit Marshall’s 0-2 pitch off the deck 400 feet? High and tight the rest of the series.

  • mod

    Wow. For once I agree with dhaab. I was also puzzled to see Fukudome in the 2 spot. I wonder if things may have been slightly different. But the key was the walks. That has always been a fundamental rule ever since little league. Walks will kill you.

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