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Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Listen as LenDale White taunts the Lions after he rips off a nice run. I suppose this isn’t all that safe for work, unless you work for a rap mogul or the like. The ‘classy’ part comes after he claps his hands.

The top 10 disappointments in Chicago sports for 2008, courtesy of our friends at, go figure, Top Ten Chicago Sports. 10. Lovie Smith 9. Tyrus Thomas 8. Tommie Harris 7. Derrek “6-4-3″ Lee. (My personal favorite) 6. Nick Swisher 5. Paul Konerko 4. Luol Deng 3. Charlie Weis. (I have warned them to never again […]

Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock has an excellent column on how ESPN is bereft of any independent thinking. Titled “The Story ESPN Doesn’t Want You to Know”, he has a special shot from his flamethrower for Chris Fowler: Let me tell you what passes for courage and independent thinking at ESPN. Chris Fowler dropped Ball State […]

I saw this morning that Dan Shanoff from The Sporting Blog had a list of things that sports fans should be thankful for from the past year. I’ll take his idea and convert it to Chicago’s version, at least for this fan. January: Denis Savard may not be the coach of the Blackhawks anymore, but […]

You younger bucks might know him as Marty Funkhouser from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. But back in the 80′s Bob Einstein was–and always will be to me–Super Dave Osborne. Super Dave is a versatile daredevil willing to try all kinds of insane stunts. And they all end up in disaster. As a youngster, there wasn’t much […]

Past the Pylon looks at the top NFL rookies. Might want to move up Matt Forte after yesterday’s performance. Sox and Dawgs has video from a local TV station on UConn’s Hasheem Thabeet’s trip to Tanzania. He had not been home in 5 years. Hooped Up offers up the best MadTV basketball skits. AOL Fanhouse […]

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