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Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Detroit Lions Fans Still Disgusted


Matt Millen is gone. Rod Marinelli is gone and is here in Chicago as the Bears D-Line coach. But some Lions fans are still twisted in knots about their beloved team. Or as valued reader PB would call them, “The Liedowns”.

the-liedownsCase in point: My guy Bob from Detroit 4 Lyfe. I asked him on Twitter what was up with Stafford the other night. His reply? “He sucked. Looked like Joey Harrington on steroids… bad steroids.” Dang. Invoking Joey Ballgame for the #1 overall pick? Bob may have just jinxed Stafford’s entire career there.

He added, “But we also don’t have any good WRs or TE (our top 3 are out). Just an all around suck fest tonight. I’ve seen it a million times.”

That was it for Twitter, but in his post titled “It’s Only the Preseason But the Lions Blow“, he continued:

“Without the Johnson mash brothers, the WR corps is about as slim as Mischa Barton during fasting. It was an extra kick in the nuts to see Mike Furrey looking healthy and catching balls for the Browns. I don’t think it was entirely the reason why Stafford looked like Joey Harrington, but I’d say it’s a good place to start pointing fingers.”

Football is back. And I guess the Lions stink. But I hope they stink later on in the regular season, when all that counts.

  • PB

    Don’t worry, Zoner. They will suck all the way to 0-32! As columinst Drew Sharp so accurately put it; the Lions are already in mid-season form. FIRE FORD MANG!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • dhaab

    Gotta love it when an unrealistic Bears fan is blowing crap to Loins fans about their wide receivers.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    A Lions fan penned the post.

  • dhaab

    Okay, but a Bears fan basically agreed with it and put it in his own blog.
    FIRE FORD MANG!!!!!!!!!1

  • dhaab

    What’s up with the Bingo post?? Seems out of place.

  • Zoner

    Papa need brand new shoes and a sweatshirt

  • dhaab

    So are you making money from those Bingo links, Zoner?

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